How much does each Super Smash Bros. amiibo cost in 2023?

It’s safe to say that amiibo collecting has died down a bit since its peak in 2015. This doesn’t mean prices have died down, however, as several amiibo figures are long out of print and cost more than a pretty penny. That being said, quite a few collectors are looking to get their hands on Super Smash Bros. series amiibo in 2023, and we’ve written up a handy guide on how to go about that in the cheapest way possible. We’ve also got rough price estimates for each figure if you’re looking for specific info! Remember to check out our price guides for Super Mario and Splatoon amiibo, too.

General Shopping Tips

As always, the cheapest way to purchase an amiibo is from second-hand sites like eBay or Mercari. Generally speaking, amiibo figures cost much less when they’re sold loose out of the box. If you’re looking to train up a character with one of our amiibo training guides, this works out perfectly — you’d need to open the box to train it anyway, right?

If you’ve never placed an order on eBay before, you might have some concerns. What if your package never arrives, or if the amiibo figure you receive doesn’t work? Luckily, the site has a money-back guarantee that lets you receive a full refund if your item doesn’t arrive as described. Between this guarantee and the lower prices of listed items, it’s a great option for those of you looking to get loose amiibo figures. That being said, make sure you’re buying the figure and not an unauthorized NFC coin or card — if you really want to, you can make these yourself for much, much cheaper.

It’s true that eBay features very prominent auctions, but plenty of listings let shoppers buy the product immediately without needing to participate in one. Look for listings labeled with “Buy It Now” — filter your search to only include these results, if you like! When you finally receive the amiibo figure in the mail, wipe it off with a soft cleaning cloth and it should be good as new! Without the box, that is. But whatever you do, don’t buy second-hand amiibo from Amazon. Sure, they’re almost always new-in-box, but they’re always ridiculously overpriced. Money is scarce these days, so it’s probably best to save as much of it as you can while still receiving a fully-functional product. Hence, our suggestions above!

Wave 1 Prices

Are you looking for a specific amiibo figure to purchase? We’ve got a list of them right here, and they’re sorted by release date. In this case, we’ll be listing rough cost estimates (when purchased loose) and perhaps giving a brief outline of the character’s restock history, if applicable. For this list, we checked out Price Charting and recently completed listings from eBay and Mercari to get you the most accurate estimates. Feel free to use the Control + F shortcut (on Windows computers) to search the name of the character you’re looking for!

  • Mario is an odd one. For the longest time, his Smash amiibo was plentiful. You could find it in just about any store! Nowadays, that’s not the case, as Nintendo generally opts to reprint the Super Mario version instead. If you look on Amazon, you might see crazy prices like $80 or $100. Don’t fall for it, though: loose, Mario is currently worth somewhere around $15 (give or take).
  • Donkey Kong is long out of print. Just like with Mario, Nintendo prefers restocking DK’s Super Mario amiibo figure instead. That leaves Smash Donkey Kong rather rare, so you’ll see him loose for somewhere around $25 or $30 on secondhand sites.
  • Link is floating around the $25 to $30 range as well. As you’ve probably come to expect at this point, Nintendo prefers reprinting the other ten Link amiibo variants.
  • Samus is a bit cheaper than the other figurines we’ve covered so far. If you’re patient, you might be able to find her for somewhere around $15 or $20. That’s for the Smash version — if you’re looking for the figure created for Metroid: Samus Returns, that one’s much more expensive.
  • Yoshi is only about $10 at the time of writing. It might be a good idea to pick him up before his value increases, but… we’ll see if that ever winds up happening!
  • Kirby’s Smash amiibo was once rather expensive, but it was restocked relatively recently. Generally, you’ll find him sitting around the $15 range.
  • Fox was a bit rare when he was first released, but his amiibo figure’s stock quickly caught up with its demand. Now it’s about $10 or so.
  • Pikachu is around $10, too. It’s a very simple figurine with a huge initial stock, so it makes sense that it’s rather inexpensive.
  • Peach, just like Fox and Pikachu before her, is around $10 as well. Please be careful when purchasing this figure — there’s nothing holding it up except for that flimsy little pole, so you’ll need to be cautious of it snapping off during shipping.
  • Marth, along with Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, was once part of the Holy Trinity of amiibo figures. In other words, these three characters received the lowest print run when they released and sold out almost immediately. This low stock kick-started the amiibo craze and caught the attention of collectors… and scalpers looking to make a quick buck. In other words, he’s around $13 now and everyone who paid $60 for him back in the day is probably a tad disappointed.
  • Villager was around $60 during the Holy Trinity days, but he was reprinted several times. Now he’s only worth about $13. Fun fact: you can actually tell if a Villager amiibo is first print or a reprint just by looking at its face. If its eyes are close to its hairline and its nose is close to its mouth, it’s first print. If the figure has a big forehead, it’s second print.
  • Wii Fit Trainer is closer to the $15 to $20 range. This is another figurine that’s somewhat fragile. If you’re selling one yourself, make sure to put it in plenty of bubble wrap to keep it safe during shipping!

Wave 2 Prices

The second wave of amiibo figures released less than a month after the first one. By this point, collectors were set on buying these up before they sold out… which means they sold out even faster. That being said, very few of these characters have retained the value they supposedly had directly after their release.

  • Luigi, like Mario, isn’t as common as he used to be. Once again, Nintendo is reprinting the Super Mario series variant instead. It’s very possible that Nintendo is phasing out Smash amiibo; it seems as though Smash figurines are only reprinted if they are the only available amiibo for that character. Luigi is around $17, so he’s slightly more costly than his brother.
  • Captain Falcon is around $15, and he’s another example of a figure who could potentially receive damage if shipped carelessly. Make sure his leg doesn’t snap off. He needs that!
  • Zelda is the most expensive amiibo figure we’ve covered thus far. At the time of writing, Twilight Princess HD is nowhere to be found on Switch, which means the Smash edition Zelda amiibo depicts a version of the character that doesn’t appear on the console at all. That’s probably why we haven’t seen any restocks! She’s around $35, even loose.
  • Pit costs around $20 and has somewhat fragile wings. Keep those sufficiently wrapped if you’re shipping one out yourself, please!
  • Diddy Kong is about $20, too.
  • Little Mac is also around $20 — maybe a dollar or two cheaper, at that. Little Mac and Captain Falcon received a huge restock at Best Buy stores several years ago, which brought their prices down big time.

Wave 3 Prices

The third wave of amiibo figures was the beginning of hell unleashed for collectors. Store-exclusive characters became reality for the first time, and these figurines released in the dead of winter in the United States. Avid collectors stood out front of Best Buy for two hours prior to opening only to find out that they didn’t have enough Meta Knight amiibo for everyone. Thank goodness they’ve done away with store exclusives since then…

  • Bowser received plenty of restocks over the years. That being said, several of them have pupils facing different directions from each other… oh well. He’s about $10 on secondhand sites nowadays.
  • Sheik costs at least $25 loose. She’s out of print, though it’s possible a restock surfaces for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Meta Knight, in the same vein as several other characters listed here, is more readily available if you go for the Kirby series figurine instead. If you want the Smash one, which is much cooler, it’ll set you back somewhere around $20.
  • Ike is long out of print, so he’s floating around the $25 mark loose.
  • Sonic is long out of print, too. It seems third-party amiibo figures are generally only printed once or twice, and then never again. As a result, Sonic generally costs at least $25 on secondhand sites — but you might see him for around $30, too.
  • King Dedede’s Smash amiibo is a lot cooler than his Kirby series counterpart. Surprisingly, he costs about as much! You’ll find him for around $12 on sites like eBay. At the time of writing, however, he was recently available at retailers for MSRP — make sure to double-check.
  • Lucario is somewhere in the $15 to $20 range. It was originally released as a Toys”R”Us exclusive, in which it received very limited stock. It’s been reprinted since, hence the lower price!
  • Toon Link is out of print, so he’s about $25 at the moment. Nintendo will most likely opt to restock the Wind Waker Toon Link amiibo that comes with the Toon Zelda figure when Tears of the Kingdom rolls around.
  • Mega Man is about $15. If you’re looking for Gold Mega Man, which does have a Smash series base, you’re lucky to get it for any less than $60 — and that’s the lower end of it. Several listings for Gold Mega Man are upwards of $80. A quick note: Gold Mega Man was only available as part of a 3DS game bundle. The amiibo box it comes in is completely blank, so if you see that, don’t worry — it’s normal.
  • Rosalina & Luma are notorious for their incredible rarity. This figure was first released as a Target exclusive, and it sold out in mere seconds. Then you had scalpers swiping up as many Rosalina amiibo as they could and reselling them for over five times the retail price. Add all that to a lack of restocks, and you’ve got a figure that costs about $30 even loose.
  • Shulk was another character who received relatively little stock and was store-exclusive on launch. Despite that, he’s leaning more toward the $20-$25 range.

Wave 4 Prices

The fourth wave of amiibo figures released on May 29, 2015. This was the peak of that “amiibo FOMO” — almost every one of these guys sold out immediately, and plenty of them were store-exclusive. That being said, none of them are particularly expensive at the time of writing, as they’ve all received restocks since.

  • Ness is infamous for crashing GameStop’s servers! He was exclusive to their store and put up for pre-order in-store only… and yet, so many collectors checked their website just in case that every single physical GameStop became incapable of completing all transactions for hours as a result of the server strain. In other words, Ness is $20 in the modern age.
  • Jigglypuff is only about $15 loose, making it relatively inexpensive. If you’re shipping out your own Jigglypuff, this figure needs lots of bubble wrap — it’s very wobbly and could receive damage if the shipping truck hits a speed bump.
  • Lucina was arguably the most desired amiibo figure in Wave 4. She wasn’t store exclusive, but collectors prioritized her most of all on release day. Nowadays, she’s about $20.
  • Wario is a really popular character, and yet both of his amiibo figures – especially the Super Mario one – are expensive. Smash Wario less so, however, as he costs about $20.
  • Charizard’s figurine released back when he was a standalone fighter. It’s not particularly rare, however, and goes for about $17.
  • Greninja is somewhere between $15 and $20. It was a Toys”R”Us exclusive at first, just like Lucario, and it was quite sought after upon release!
  • Pac-Man received a few solid restocks, so his amiibo figure only costs about $15 in the present day. He was also the most common (or perhaps “least rare” is a better term) of the Wave 4 figurines when they first released.
  • Robin wasn’t exclusive to any particular store, but still received incredibly limited stock. He received a few restocks, so he’s about $20 at the moment.

Wave 5 and 6 Prices

Although several amiibo released after Wave 4 are currently expensive, Wave 4 marked the highest point of amiibo collecting hype. It’s never hit a similar level since, so you’ll find many of the characters we cover from this point on weren’t quite as sought after. You’re probably here just to find out the prices, but a little history lesson doesn’t hurt!

  • Dark Pit and Palutena were the only two amiibo figures released in Wave 5. Dark Pit was exclusive to Best Buy, while Palutena was exclusive to Amazon. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Dark Pit restock, so he goes for about $20 loose.
  • Palutena, as mentioned, was Amazon exclusive on launch. She was the first amiibo figure to be completely unavailable at physical retailers, then. She’s somewhere around $20, too.
  • Dr. Mario first released as a Target exclusive… but he’s still a variant of Mario, so he received plenty of print. He’s about $10, give or take.
  • Ganondorf didn’t receive a huge restock, so he’s around $20 right now. Once again, Twilight Princess HD isn’t on Switch at the moment, so there isn’t a single game on Switch that represents this Ganondorf design! Except for maybe Hyrule Warriors?
  • Mr. Game & Watch released as part of the Retro 3-Pack in America alongside R.O.B. and Duck Hunt. He did release individually in Europe, however. If you’re buying a Mr. Game & Watch amiibo, do remember that it came with an extra few switchable poses — if those are included, he’s worth about $20. You should probably be paying much less if these poses aren’t included.
  • Zero Suit Samus has an unfortunate case of banana-colored hair… in other words, her amiibo figure doesn’t look very good. Right now, she’s about $15.
  • Olimar is somewhere around $15, too. Make sure the antenna on top of his helmet doesn’t come off if you’re trying to ship him out!
  • R.O.B. is available in two colors — Famicom, a red and yellowish-white color scheme, and NES — more of a monochrome appearance. Both colors are worth about $20 right now.
  • Bowser Jr. was recently restocked, so he’s only worth about $15 — and that’s the higher end. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding him for cheaper than that.
  • Duck Hunt is only about $10, and you can probably find the duo for even cheaper as well!

Wave 7, 8, and 9 Prices

These three waves didn’t have any significant stock issues on release. Nintendo finally learned that amiibo figures sell like hotcakes… and then printed far too many units of Lucas, Roy, and Ryu. They were sold off to Five Below, and are generally some of the cheapest figurines in the series.

  • Falco was exclusive to Best Buy on launch, but received more than enough stock. He’s about $13 nowadays, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find him for even cheaper.
  • Mewtwo wasn’t exclusive to any particular store, but received plenty of stock nonetheless. There’s no history of Mewtwo restocks, but it’s still only about $15 out of box.
  • Mii Brawler, along with his other Mii Fighter comrades, is quite possibly the most expensive standard Smash amiibo. The Miis were sold in a 3-pack exclusive to Toys”R”Us in 2015. Each store received hundreds of 3-packs, so the Miis were more than readily available. Eventually, they were sold off to Five Below and that’s the last we saw of them. No restocks, so Mii Brawler alone is $40 loose. Ouch.
  • Mii Swordfighter is in the same boat, and goes for about $40.
  • Mii Gunner, same here too. Mii 3-Packs tend to be cheaper than buying each one individually; see if you can buy all three Miis at once for around $80 or so. Unfortunately, that might be the best you can do.
  • Lucas released all by himself in early January. I remember thinking he was going to be rare, given how obscure his home game is — but that wound up not being the case at all. He was vastly overprinted, in fact, and was worth less than $5 for a long time. Nowadays he’s more like $13, but maybe you’ll luck out and get him cheaper if you comb through lots of listings?
  • Roy released alongside Ryu, and also received lots of stock. Just like Lucas, there was a time when you could buy Roy for $5, but those days have passed. Nowadays, he’s more like $15.
  • Ryu received too many units, too! He’s much cheaper than Roy and Lucas, however. He currently goes for about $10, but you should definitely be able to pull off finding one for $7-ish.

Wave 10 Prices

Here’s the final wave of DLC fighter amiibo released for Smash 4 in 2017. You may recall Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releasing in 2018, just one year later — indeed, there wasn’t much of a break for the amiibo production team, was there?

  • Cloud is rather expensive, and it’s no doubt a result of his popularity as a character. Recent price listings value him at about $35 — and even more in-box.
  • Cloud (Player 2) received less stock than the regular old Cloud figure, so it’s more expensive. Instead of $35, it’s more like $40.
  • Corrin (the male version), unlike the one below, did not receive a restock. If you’re looking to get one, it’ll set you back about $30.
  • Corrin (Player 2) used to be the most valuable Smash amiibo, clocking in at almost $190 — even loose. Thankfully, her figurine received a hefty restock, so now she’s only worth about $25 or so. Some retailers may have her available for $15.99, at the time of writing, so make sure to double-check!
  • Bayonetta goes for about $25 right now out of box. There are a lot of fragile parts on this figure, so be careful if you’re shipping one out!
  • Bayonetta (Player 2) is more expensive than her Bayonetta 2 counterpart., Specifically, she’s more like $30 or $35 at the moment because she received less initial stock!

Wave 11, 12, and 13 Prices

Here are our first few waves of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo! Some of these get pretty expensive, as they’re newer figures with less stock (Nintendo learned from Lucas, Roy, and Ryu). It’s entirely possible some of these receive restocks in the future — keep an eye out.

  • Wolf never received any restocks, so he’s currently around $30 loose. You might be able to find him for a few bucks cheaper if you look hard enough, though!
  • Inkling. There are so many Inkling amiibo. Make sure the one you’re looking for is the Smash edition — check the base! She’s long out of print, unfortunately, so she fluctuates between $25 and $35.
  • Ridley was rather expensive for a time, but thankfully did receive a restock. He’s about $22 right now.
  • Ice Climbers were never particularly expensive, and that remains true to this day. They’ll set you back about $15 loose.
  • King K. Rool is one of the chunkiest amiibo figures on the market, and he’s only about $25 at the moment. Solid deal.
  • Piranha Plant was the first amiibo released for one of Ultimate’s DLC fighters, and it goes for about $25 loose. It’s got a nice, curved form to it.
  • Daisy’s Super Mario figure is quite cheap right now, but that’s not the case for her Smash edition. It’s out of print, and might set you back anywhere from $25 to $35. Yikes.
  • Young Link is out of print too. Just like some of the Mario characters discussed above, Nintendo prefers to reprint the figures from their home series rather than the Smash ones. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Young Link goes for about $40…
  • Ken released alongside Daisy and Young Link, and actually, they all wound up rather expensive due to a lack of restocks. Ken goes for about $30 right now.

Wave 15, 16, and 17 Prices

Even more figures released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! These aren’t super expensive, for the most part — we’ll be getting to those in the next section. Many of these figures received decent restocks.

  • Pichu is a pretty great amiibo to have, both in terms of cuteness and training! It costs about $22 out of box.
  • Pokémon Trainer is rather costly, but it has a small in-game advantage compared to Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard: you can change the first Pokémon it sends out on the character select screen. Wow! Unfortunately, the figure itself is worth about $40, so if you’re not going for completion, maybe you should go for the much cheaper Squirtle instead.
  • Isabelle’s Animal Crossing variants often go for $10 or less. If you just want to train an Isabelle and don’t care about completing the Smash series, I’d recommend picking up one of those. Smash Isabelle is about $25.
  • Snake, as a third-party character, is out of print. It’s not clear whether third-party fighters will receive restocks in the future, so Snake’s value is stuck at $30 right now. That may increase at some point.
  • Squirtle should be available for MSRP from some retailers right now! It’s a popular character, and so it received lots of stock. It’s worth about $13.
  • Ivysaur, out of box, goes for about $18 (give or take). It received a decent amount of stock, but not as much as Squirtle.
  • Chrom will set you back about $20 — for the Smash edition, that is. The Fire Emblem edition might be slightly more expensive.
  • Simon is one of the most visually complex amiibo figures we have right now! That said, he’s only worth about $20. Not too bad for a figure long out of print.
  • Incineroar is starting to increase in value! As the strongest fighter in the amiibo metagame, this might be a good thing — maybe we’ll see less of it in tournaments. Right now, it’s selling for about $30.

Wave 18 and DLC Fighter Prices

We’re finally wrapping up… with arguably the most expensive of the Smash Ultimate crew of them all. Indeed, several of these are third-party characters, and there’s never a guarantee that they’ll receive restocks. You may recall a few sections ago hearing that Pac-Man did receive a restock — this may be because Pac-Man is property of Bandai Namco, who developed Ultimate. Thus, it may be easier for them to secure reprinting licenses… or something.

  • Dark Samus is an awesome figure. It’s got this neat Phazon texture, and the colors are incredible. It’s only worth about $17, which is a pretty decent deal for such a cool figure!
  • Richter is about $20 or so. He released to relatively little fanfare in 2020, making him the last Smash amiibo figure released before the pandemic. That’s an important note, because the pandemic slightly decreased the stock each figure would receive from then on.
  • Joker is the holy grail (no pun intended) of Smash series amiibo, and may very well be the most expensive one. He’s popular, really cool-looking, and received only one print run. If you can find a loose one for any less than $80, you’re lucky. New in box will cost about $25 more, generally speaking.
  • Hero released in the same wave as Joker, but is only worth about $25. Joker’s way more popular than Hero, at least in America, so that checks out.
  • Banjo & Kazooie is worth about $25. These next few amiibo figures received much more stock than Joker, so they’re not quite as hard to find — with a few exceptions, like the one below.
  • Terry is worth about $40 because he received much less stock than Banjo & Kazooie and Byleth.
  • Byleth may be available for MSRP on retailers’ websites, so make sure to double-check. Otherwise, he’s worth about $17 or so.
  • Min Min hovers somewhere around the $20-25 territory. Most of her listings at the moment are new in box, and they cost around $30.
  • Steve and Alex are only available in a two-pack, but said two-pack received tons of stock. At the time of writing, they’re still available for MSRP from retailers. Out of box, you can probably get away with paying $20 total for both of them!
  • Sephiroth pre-orders sold out fast — no doubt due to his immense popularity. These days, he’s about $30 new in box and even less loose.
  • Kazuya received a decent amount of stock, but isn’t nearly as popular as Sephiroth. That means he costs less than him, too — you can find him online for about $20.

There you have it — values (and a little history lesson) for every single Super Smash Bros. series amiibo! If you’re looking to collect, we hope this helped you out! Feel free to bring any and all questions to our Discord server, where we’ll be happy to help. We’ve got lots more content available on amiibo collecting and training, and you can find a complete list of it below. Good luck!

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