How to 100% complete Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is a full remake of the Wii title from 2011. In the context of 100% completion, the original version of Return to Dream Land was already one of the more involved games in the series. It’s the only modern Kirby game with an Extra Mode, after all! The Switch version of the game is even more complicated to fully complete — luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tasks that count and don’t count towards 100% completion. Let’s get started!

100% Required

Kirby’s Return to Dream Deluxe tracks 100% completion by checking if you’ve finished each of the tasks listed below. Thankfully, you don’t have to earn Platinum medals in modes that assign them (Magolor’s Copy Ability challenges and the Magolor Epilogue). You can still shoot for the stars if you like, but it’s not necessary! Here’s a full list of the tasks you do need to accomplish:

  • Clear both Story Mode and Extra Mode. This entails finding every single Energy Sphere as well as completing each of Magolor’s Copy Ability challenges at least once (regardless of rank). Overall, this isn’t too difficult — just rather time-consuming.
  • Clear Magolor Epilogue with a Gold medal on every stage. As mentioned before, your medal can go as high as Platinum, but this isn’t necessary for full completion. We’d recommend going for Gold medals after you beat the main story; by then, you’ll have upgraded more of Magolor’s abilities. That’ll make certain boss fights easier to earn combos on.
  • Clear both The Arena and The True Arena. The Arena is easy — The True Arena, however, is where the real challenge lies. All of the bosses from Magolor Epilogue are included here as well, which makes this mode a real test of endurance. If you’re having trouble, you might want to bring some amiibo figures along to heal yourself during battles. You can use the Stone or Sand abilities if you want to remain invincible while guarding, too.
  • Clear all 100 standard Missions in Merry Magoland. These aren’t tough in the slightest, but you do need an internet connection to finish them all. This is because a few of the missions require playing Samurai Kirby online, which makes Return to Dream Land the second Kirby game that absolutely requires the internet for full completion.

When you complete all four of these tasks, the game will award you with a shiny 100% completion image plus an exclusive Kirby Master video! If it feels like you’ve left some things incomplete, however, that’s where the next section comes in. It’s up to you whether you want to go any further, though!

100% Optional

This section is reserved for tasks that are absolutely not required for 100% completion. The game doesn’t count them, after all! Still, if you feel an obligation to do absolutely everything the game has to offer, these tasks are here for you. And they’re tough.

  • Earn Platinum medals on each of Magolor’s Copy Ability challenges. This one is seriously difficult, because you’ll need to earn Platinum medals on these in both Story Mode and Extra Mode. Earning a Platinum medal entails playing each challenge absolutely perfectly — no damage, every enemy defeated, every coin collected, and the speed bonus. If you go for this one… you’re on your own. Good luck!
  • Max out Magolor’s skills in Magolor Epilogue. A good way to farm lots of points is simply to replay the special stage over and over again. From there, you can slowly but surely rank up each of Magolor’s abilities until they’re totally maxed out!
  • Earn a Platinum medal on every stage in Magolor Epilogue. This includes the secret stage, too. Fortunately, Platinum medals in Magolor Epilogue are nowhere near as difficult as the challenges you’ll find in Story Mode and Extra Mode. This should be rather doable, though some stages might take you a few tries.
  • Unlock every collectible Mask in Merry Magoland. If you 100% complete the game via the required tasks, you’ll have almost all of these anyway! The masks aren’t required for that 100% completion mark, though.
  • Complete the True Extra Missions in Merry Magoland. After completing all 100 standard missions, Magolor creates several ultra-difficult missions for you to tackle. Some of these can be completed more easily if you coordinate with friends — or you can set up two extra controllers and leave them alone. Up to you, but this task is seriously difficult!

By completing these optional tasks, you’ll actually unlock a few secret songs in the game’s Jukebox. You could say these count for 100% completion, then, but it’s difficult to go against what the game says. Regardless, this game will probably take you about 30 to 40 hours to fully complete — assuming you’re only going with the fully-required tasks. It’ll take longer if you decide to take on the optional challenges.

We’ve got 100% completion guides available for several other games in the Kirby series, and you can check those out via the link below! If you’re specifically looking to read Kirby guides, our full archive of those – including in-depth guides for Kirby and the Forgotten Land – is right here. Thanks for stopping by, and have fun playing! Feel free to direct any questions to our Discord server.

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