How much does each Super Mario amiibo cost in 2023?

A few months back, we dropped a list of each Super Smash Bros. series amiibo figure and a rough estimate of its current value in the second-hand market. Today, we’re continuing that trend with the Super Mario series of figurines — in other words, the ones with red bases! We’ve got a list of each character, their stock history, and a general range of their out of box prices. If you’re looking to start a Super Mario amiibo collection, you’ve come to the right place! Remember to check out our Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon amiibo price guides while you’re here.

General Shopping Tips

If you’re just looking for the figure itself (and not the box), the best places to buy them are second-hand sites like eBay or Mercari. As a reminder, the prices we list below don’t necessarily reflect what the figures are worth — they reflect what people are putting them up for. That way, you can compare our price to a listing you see and determine if it’s a good deal or not.

It’s possible you haven’t used eBay before — in which case, you might be afraid of getting scammed. Thankfully, if there’s a problem with your order, the site almost always sides with the buyer (that’s you)! If the item you purchased doesn’t arrive as described, you’ll receive a full refund. That being said, make sure to read each listing carefully — sometimes, sellers list slightly damaged amiibo figures and include a note in the description. Make sure you know what you’re buying before you buy it! You’ll also need to make sure you’re purchasing the amiibo figurine itself and not an unauthorized NFC coin or card (you can technically make these yourself for much cheaper).

Furthermore, eBay items aren’t auction-only. Many listings include the option to buy the product outright, so you generally won’t have to worry about placing a bid. If you want to filter out auction listings, click the “Buy It Now” option in the search bar. When you eventually receive your amiibo in the mail, we’d recommend wiping it off with a soft cleaning cloth just to be sure. As one final tip, try and avoid purchasing second-hand amiibo from Amazon. They’re almost always ridiculously overpriced. Is the box really worth an extra fifty dollars?

Wave 1 Prices

The first wave of Super Mario series amiibo came out on March 20, 2015. With the exception of Gold Mario, none of the characters in this wave are particularly expensive. In fact, they’re restocked pretty regularly and are generally worth even less than MSRP if purchased out of box. To calculate the prices shown below, we checked out Price Charting and recently sold eBay and Mercari listings and averaged them out. Feel free to use the Control + F shortcut (on Windows computers) to search the name of the character you’re looking for!

  • Mario received a hefty restock for the Super Mario Bros. Movie. At the time of writing, he’s still available for purchase from most major retailers. In-store, he costs $15.99 — but second-hand and out of box, you shouldn’t spend more than $10.
  • Luigi was part of that same restock, too. That being said, he tends to sell for between $10 and $15 — a bit more expensive than his brother.
  • Peach is another common one, and should be available from most major retailers for the time being. Otherwise, she sells for between $10 and $15 just like Luigi.
  • Yoshi is in the same boat — very common. You shouldn’t have any problem finding him online for somewhere around $10.
  • Bowser is just as cheap as the rest of his Wave 1 brethren — about $10. That means his Super Mario and Super Smash Bros. edition amiibo generally cost about the same these days. The choice between them is yours — looks aside, they’re functionally identical.
  • Toad doesn’t have a Super Smash Bros. series counterpart, making him totally unique to the Super Mario series of amiibo. For that reason, he’s slightly more expensive, selling at around $15 out of box.
  • Gold Mario is technically part of Wave 1, and has received multiple restocks. Loose, Gold Mario costs at least $25. You’ll be paying at least $10 more if you want the box intact, too.
  • Silver Mario is not technically part of Wave 1 because it released alongside the Splatoon series amiibo. Silver Mario is cheaper than his gold counterpart at about $15 out of box.

Wave 2 Prices

This is where things start to get tricky. Despite their status as some of Nintendo’s most iconic characters, several Wave 2 Super Mario amiibo figures are a bit up there in terms of price. A few of them are in dire need of restocks, and if such a thing ever happens we’ll be sure to update this page to reflect that. Feel free to bookmark it for later just in case there are any updates!

  • Wario is one such character — he’s actually sort of rare. At the time of writing, you’ll never find him in-store; the best you can do is to purchase him out of box for $25. You’ll likely see lots of listings that put him at around $30 or even $35, though.
  • Waluigi is another character exclusive to this line of figures, and he generally sells for between $15 and $20. As a side note, the entire Super Mario series did receive a restock, but only in China. If you see lots of listings from China, that’s why! Keep in mind that the Chinese amiibo box art differs from the other regions.
  • Rosalina is often listed in the $30 to $35 range. She’s very much in need of a restock, because her Super Smash Bros. series equivalent costs about the same right now (except a few dollars cheaper).
  • Daisy is pretty reasonably priced, though! You’ll find listings for her between $10 and $20. If you’re patient, you could definitely pull off buying her for $10 from a lucky listing.
  • Boo is one of the coolest amiibo out there — it glows in the dark! And even though it’s literally just a sphere with a face, it costs between $30 and $35 even without a box.
  • Donkey Kong received a huge restock for the Super Mario Bros. Movie and is currently available at most retailers for $15.99. If you’re purchasing second-hand, don’t settle for any more than $10!
  • Diddy Kong, however, did not receive a restock. His Super Smash Bros. series counterpart is much more common, but his Super Mario series figure goes for about $30.

Wave 3, 4, and 5 Prices

For the most part, Nintendo stopped releasing big waves of amiibo figures in circa 2017. We’re going to bunch up some more Super Mario figurines in this section, then — some of which are quite rare in the modern day. Several of these figurines released fairly recently, and may not receive restocks in the near future.

  • Goomba is surprisingly expensive because it never received an official restock! It’s at least $25 out of box and goes for more with its box included.
  • Koopa Troopa is about $25, too. It tends to be listed for slightly more than Goomba, but is pretty much worth about the same.
  • Mario (Wedding Outfit) came out alongside Super Mario Odyssey, but never received a restock. As a result, it sells for about $25.
  • Peach (Wedding Outfit) is in the same boat. It released alongside Super Mario Odyssey and costs around $25 nowadays.
  • Bowser (Wedding Outfit) is $30 even though he released under the same circumstances as Wedding Mario and Wedding Peach. It must be all that extra drip.
  • Cat Mario is about $20. It’s got a neat popcorn texture on the fur that hasn’t been seen on any other amiibo figure (yet)!
  • Cat Peach is between $15 and $20 — a bit cheaper than Cat Mario, for some reason!

There you have it — values for every single character in the Super Mario series of amiibo figures! If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to our Discord server, where we’ll be happy to help. We have lots more content available on amiibo, including a full set of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate training guides (which several Super Mario series figurines are compatible with). You can find those via the link below. Good luck!

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