How much does each Splatoon amiibo cost in 2023?

We’re back with the third entry in our amiibo value series — and this time, we’re covering the Splatoon range of figurines that first released in May 2015. For the most part, these are just a bunch of Inklings and Octolings in different colors, but each one has a vastly different value in today’s market. If you’re looking to start your own Splatoon collection, we’ve got lots of helpful info for you — including price ranges that tell you what counts as a good deal for each specific character! Remember to check out our Super Mario and Super Smash Bros. amiibo guides while you’re here.

General Shopping Tips

Our general shopping tips remain the same for each of our guides — if you can buy the amiibo used, you should. It’s much cheaper that way, and secondhand shops like eBay and Mercari guarantee that the product you eventually receive works (or your money back). That being said, a lot of Splatoon listings on these sites are ridiculously overpriced, so we’ve put together a vague list of prices so you’ll know if you’re getting ripped off or not. More on that in the next section!

If you insist on purchasing new-in-box figurines, you’re going to be paying a lot more. Most sellers charge significantly more for new-in-box figures, even if they aren’t worth it! The idea of purchasing a used amiibo might sound icky at first, but as long as you clean it off with a soft cloth for a few seconds, you’re good to go. Remember to carefully read the listing you’re thinking of purchasing — sometimes sellers put up figurines with slight cosmetic flaws, and those will often be included in the item description.

Finally, make sure you’re not buying unauthorized NFC coins or cards. These are incredibly cheap to make and generally aren’t worth their asking prices unless they’ve got neat designs on them. If you don’t know this already, the only official amiibo cards are the Animal Crossing ones and the Mario Sports Superstars ones — no other Super Smash Bros., Super Mario, or Splatoon amiibo have received official card variants. With all of that being said, let’s get into the prices!

Wave 1 and 2 Prices

The first few waves of Splatoon amiibo were spread out between 2015 and 2016. Though the first three figures received tons of restocks, the latter three did not — and so these waves still feature some incredibly expensive figurines. To calculate the prices shown below, we checked out Price Charting and recently sold eBay and Mercari listings and averaged them out. These are only rough estimates, though, so don’t take them as the ultimate truth!

  • Inkling Boy (Blue) is the first amiibo of the wave, and he’s pretty much got no value at all. Out-of-box, you might get lucky and find him selling for $5. Otherwise, he’s worth about $8.
  • Inkling Girl (Orange) is similarly inexpensive. She received a huge amount of stock, and while she’s not available in-stores at the time of writing, she is absolutely everywhere on the second-hand market. Don’t pay more than $10 for her!
  • Inkling Squid (Green) was included with the Inkling Boy and Girl as a three-pack, but is a bit more expensive. It sells for around $15, but you might be able to find a stray listing for $10 if you’re lucky.
  • Callie was once incredibly rare, but received a big restock for Splatoon 3. Callie and Marie together are worth no more than $20, and Callie alone is more like $10.
  • Marie was packaged with Callie in a two-pack, so everything in that last bullet point counts for her as well.
  • Inkling Boy (Purple) released alongside the next two amiibo figures (a green Inkling Girl and an orange Inkling Squid). Their poses are identical to the first three amiibo from this wave, but their colors are different. This set of three figurines is incredibly valuable, and each of them tends to sell for at least $40.
  • Inkling Girl (Green) is arguably the most popular of the alternate colors set, and often goes for around $50. If you see a listing for $30 or less, you’re very lucky! Given the nature of these three figurines, it’s unlikely we’ll see any restocks in the near future.
  • Inkling Squid (Orange) is expensive too, clocking in at around $45. There are also listings online for the entire three-pack for around $200… which is kind of crazy. Is anyone really buying that?!

Wave 3 and 4 Prices

These guys were released for Splatoon 2. Though some of them still aren’t cheap, they aren’t as expensive as some of the ones in the previous waves! The Inklings themselves are all in new poses, so they aren’t just simple recolors this time around.

  • Inkling Boy (Neon Green), who holds a Splattershot, sells for between $15 and $20. Sometimes, specific amiibo figures trend upward or downward in price — you might see this one sell for up to $25 sometimes, too.
  • Inkling Girl (Neon Pink) wields the Splat Dualies, and sells for between $25 and $30. Generally speaking, female Inkling amiibo are more popular choices, so that’s why they’re usually a bit more expensive.
  • Inkling Squid (Neon Purple) goes for between $15 and $20. It received a pretty big restock at GameStop stores across the United States, but that stock has since dried up a bit.
  • Pearl comes in a two-pack with Marina, and this figure set did receive a restock for Splatoon 3. As a result, they’re worth no more than $25 put together. You probably won’t find many listings that only include Pearl, though.
  • Marina is definitely more popular than Pearl, so listings that only include her might be more frequent. Just like before, the Pearl and Marina two-pack is worth about $25, while Marina herself is more like $12.

Wave 4 and 5 Prices

For this section, we’ll be covering the Octoling amiibo released for Splatoon 2 and the three figurines released for Splatoon 3. It’s entirely possible that we’ll receive new Splatoon amiibo in the future, and if we do, we’ll update this page with their prices and values!

  • Octoling Boy (Pink) released as part of a three-pack with an Octoling Girl and Octoling Octopus. All together, these three generally go for around $50 out of box. Alone, Octoling Boy sells for between $17 and $25.
  • Octoling Girl (Pink) is easiest to buy as part of a three-pack listing. If you’re looking for the Octoling girl by herself, she sells for more than the other two — between $25 and $30.
  • Octoling Octopus (Pink) is kind of a middle ground between the two, selling for between $20 and $25. Again, you’re better off buying all three Octolings at once — they might be cheaper that way.
  • Inkling Girl (Neon Yellow) sells for about $15 new in box. Out of box, she’s a bit cheaper. Given that this is still a fairly recent release, though, many of her listings will still be new in box. As time goes by, her out of box listings will increase.
  • Octoling Boy (Neon Blue) sells for about $25, and that’s new in box! Out of box, you can probably pull off finding him for around $15.
  • Smallfry is the first non-generic Inkling or Octoling amiibo released in five years. Even so, it only costs about $20, which is sort of the norm for most out of box amiibo figures.

There you have it! Values for each and every Splatoon series amiibo figure. If you’re looking to start a collection, we hope this list helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to our Discord community. We’ll be happy to help! We’ve got lots more content on amiibo collecting and training available, and you can access all of it via the link below. Good luck!

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