How to 100% complete The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an absolutely massive game – it’s several times larger than Breath of the Wild, in fact – and as you might expect, full 100% completion is a huge undertaking. If you decide to take on the challenge, you’ll almost certainly spend over 200 hours doing so. If you’re ready to try, though, we’ve prepared a big list of all the tasks you’ll need to accomplish. This post does contain spoilers, so keep that in mind before you continue reading.

100% Required

After you beat the game, you’ll notice a completion marker in the bottom-right corner of the Purah Pad’s map screen. This does not track full game completion, however — it’s only tracking the map’s completion, which includes named locations and Korok Seeds. There are tons of additional tasks to complete that aren’t counted by the map percentage, and we’ve listed every single one below. Get ready for a wild ride!

  • Complete 21 out of 23 Main Quests. Two of these quests, “Destroy Ganondorf” and “Find Princess Zelda”, won’t mark themselves complete until after you defeat the final boss — so make sure you complete the other 21. You’ll also have to beat the game at least once to obtain a star on your profile.
  • Complete all 31 Shrine Quests. It’s actually possible to activate all 152 Shrines without necessarily completing their corresponding Shrine Quest, so make sure to double-check.
  • Complete all 60 Side Adventures. You would think that side adventures have more content to them than side quests, but that isn’t always true. Some side adventures only take a few minutes to finish — your mileage may vary.
  • Complete all 139 Side Quests. This task isn’t difficult, but it takes such a long time! You’re able to multitask here somewhat, as one of the side quests requires that you find all of the wells in Hyrule. They’re required for map completion anyway, so you can knock out two birds with one stone.
  • Collect all 18 Memories. Most of these correspond to the Geoglyphs scattered about Hyrule, but a few unlock afterward. By the time you visit all the Geoglyphs, retrieve the Master Sword via the Lost Woods, and beat the game’s main story quests, you’ll have collected all of the memories.
  • Complete all 152 Shrines and open their treasure chests. Treasure chests in Shrines are the only ones in the game that are tracked. When you hover over a Shrine on the map, check to see if it has a chest icon next to its name — if it does, it means you’ve opened every chest present in that Shrine. Remember to max out your hearts and stamina with the Lights of Blessing you receive!
  • Activate all 120 Lightroots. Remember when you activated all 152 Shrines? Imagine doing that again, but it’s dark. Fortunately, this task makes a whole bunch of future tasks much easier, because you’ll actually be able to see while completing them! As a reminder, Lightroots always correspond with the locations of surface Shrines (and vice versa).
  • Collect all 20 Sage’s Wills. They’re scattered about the skies of Hyrule, and each one is located inside a treasure chest. You can then use these at a Goddess Statue to increase the attack power of the sages’ avatars.
  • Complete the Hyrule Compendium. You can either purchase all 509 of Robbie’s pictures or take them yourself. You can’t buy all of Robbie’s pictures until you’ve beaten the game, though, and you’ll need to finish a side quest in Hateno Village to unlock the Sun Pumpkin entry in the compendium. That’s why we’ve listed this task after the side quest task!
  • Obtain and fully upgrade all 136 armor pieces. In this game, Link’s inventory is large enough to hold one of each armor piece. There are no longer amiibo-exclusive armor pieces — you can find them all via side quests, so we recommend doing those first. Some pieces cannot be upgraded, but you’ll need to upgrade the ones that can all the way up to four stars. For completion’s sake, I’ve decided to upgrade a normal Hylian Hood as well as a second Hylian Hood customized by Cece — this part’s probably optional, in which case there are only 135 pieces to upgrade.
  • Obtain all 53 Paraglider fabrics. Some of these are indeed exclusive to amiibo figures, and at the time of writing, there’s no other way to obtain these.
    • Secure all 82 of Addison’s signs. Your reward is a special Paraglider fabric, which is why we’re including this task here. If you have trouble getting the signs to stand, try using a Hover Stone or two — they almost always do the trick.
  • Collect all 1,000 Korok Seeds. Just when we thought Breath of the Wild’s 100% completion couldn’t get any worse, this game added an additional 100 Korok Seeds! Your best bet is to open up an interactive map and check off each seed one by one. It’s painful, but you’ve got to do it for full game completion.
  • Collect all 147 Bubbul Gems. Each of Hyrule’s caves is home to a Bubbulfrog. Just like above, you’ll want to open up an interactive map and visit not just every single cave, but every single cave entrance. These count for map completion. For example, there’s a spot in Gerudo Desert with over ten sinkholes that lead into a cave — you’ll have to enter all of these individually to count towards your map completion. Make sure to check in with Koltin after you collect each Bubbul Gem, and remember to take a picture of a Bubbulfrog so you can track it with the Purah Pad.
  • Obtain all 12 Schema Stones. You can find them in mines that the Yiga Clan has taken over, plus a few more. Fortunately, you’ll always obtain the same Schema Stone from the same Steward Construct, so you’ll be able to more easily track which ones you’ve missed.
  • Obtain all 34 Yiga Schematics. These are located in “lesser” Yiga bases, in which you’ll have to find and defeat a specific Yiga soldier to unlock the door to the treasure chest. Again, you’ll always find the same Yiga Schematic in the same area on each playthrough, so it shouldn’t be too tough to track down the ones you still need to find.
  • Obtain all 31 Old Maps. These are still required even if you’ve already found their corresponding treasure chests in the Depths. You can find them in treasure chests in Hyrule’s skies, so it might be a good idea to find both Old Maps and Sage’s Wills at the same time.
  • Fully upgrade your Energy Cell. If you’re looking for Yiga Schematics and defeating monsters in the depths, you’ll be working towards accomplishing this goal as well! There’s a Forge Construct just northeast of Lookout Landing, so go there when you have enough Crystallized Charges to upgrade your Energy Cell.
  • Learn all 228 Recipes. Some of these are simply given to you, but you’ll need to cook most of them yourself. Check out our complete list of recipes and make sure you have tons of Hylian Rice and Goron Spice, because it’s going to take a while to cook all of these…
  • Obtain all six Monster Medals. A character in Lookout Landing’s Emergency Shelter tracks how many Hinox, Talus, Molduga, Gleeok, Flux Construct, and Frox you’ve defeated. You’ll need to pull up an interactive Hyrule map and then kill every single monster on the map — do note that Phantom Ganons aren’t tracked and thus do not count for completion.
  • Obtain 100% map completion. This entails visiting every named location and collecting all 1,000 Korok Seeds. It’s best to track down the seeds first, as you’ll wind up visiting several necessary locations in the process. Some spots are easy to miss, though — a few examples include the minigame directly below Great Tabantha Bridge and the surface entrance to the Lost Woods.
  • Obtain all 11 pieces of Horse equipment. You’ll also need at least 40 Pony Points to obtain all of the stables’ exclusive rewards. You can count your horse-related key items, and if you’ve collected them all you should have eleven of them.
  • Activate all 30 Zonai Dispensers. This entails obtaining all of their corresponding Zonai devices, too. There are a few on the surface and in the Depths, but most of the Zonai Dispensers are located on sky islands.
  • Defeat every dungeon boss in the Depths. There are quite a few of these, and if you’ve defeated them before they’ll have a star next to their name. You’ll also obtain Crystallized Charges this way, which will help you upgrade your Energy Cell.

As mentioned before, your best bet is to use an interactive map of Hyrule and check off objectives as you go. Map completion may eventually trip you up, and if that’s the case, we can try to help you over at our Discord server… but finding one missing location is difficult, so no guarantees.

100% Optional

If you’re still looking for more to do, there are just a few more potential tasks you can complete. Compared to the ones above, they’re fairly minor and don’t require messing around with an interactive map. It’s up to you if you’d like to complete these or not!

  • Purchase every room of Link’s House. Some rooms can be purchased up to 15 times, so gather up some Rupees and buy as many as you can! Feel free to take this opportunity to furnish Link’s house as you please.
  • Fully upgrade a Horse. Technically, horses can die, so this isn’t definitively required for 100% completion. You’ll need to visit the Horse God in Deep Akkala, and they’ll want you to give them lots of cooked meals in exchange. It might be a good idea to look up a recipe list so you don’t waste any ingredients.
  • Open every single treasure chest in Hyrule. This one’s just here as a joke, to be clear! There are probably thousands of these, and there’s no way to track which ones you’ve opened on the map. That means there will always be a hint of doubt — what if you missed one along the way? Well, you’d have to check over 2,000 treasure chests just to be sure, which sounds like a massive waste of time. This goal also doesn’t count for Breath of the Wild’s 100% completion because some treasure chests spawn out of bounds by mistake. If even one chest in Tears of the Kingdom suffers the same fate, it’s impossible here, too.

If you actually manage to complete all of these tasks, congratulations! You’re just as crazy as I am, then. Personally, I like saving right before the final boss after completing all of my 100% completion tasks. For me, this spot was a narrow bridge in the Central Hyrule Depths that ends in a circular formation — normally, you’re supposed to jump off this bridge to fight the final boss, but I decided to save here and pop down a Travel Medallion.

I hope this guide helped you out! We’ve got 100% completion guides available for several other Nintendo Switch games, and you can check those out via the link below. Feel free to drop by our Discord server if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more 100% completion guides in the future. Thanks so much for reading!

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