How to 100% complete Pikmin 1

Pikmin recently received a brand-new Nintendo Switch port — though its title was retroactively changed to Pikmin 1. If you’ve recently wrapped up a full 100% playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then Pikmin 1 is the perfect game for you to play next! Its completion requirements are fairly straightforward, and full 100% completion shouldn’t take you any more than ten hours or so. Please note that this guide applies to all three versions of the game!

100% Required

As mentioned before, Pikmin 1 has a relatively forgiving set of 100% completion requirements. Normally, our 100% completion guides contain two different sections – required and optional – but this game’s tasks are so straightforward that we only need this one section! Here’s a full list of everything you’ll need to accomplish to beat this game:

  • Collect all 30 ship parts. You have 30 days to get them all, and the game’s final boss might take you more than one day. Try your best to get as many parts per day as possible! With all 30 parts, your save file will receive the best possible ending. When you get back to the title screen, you’ll notice that your save file is back to your last recorded save — that’s normal! Check your high score from the title screen if you want to see your completed run.
  • Complete each Challenge Mode stage at least once. It doesn’t matter what score you get. Each stage’s maximum score is extremely difficult (if not impossible) for a human player to achieve, so as long as you finish each one at least once, you’re good to go.

For your reference, here’s a list of all 30 parts: the Main Engine, the Positron Generator, the Eternal Fuel Dynamo, the Extraordinary Bolt, the Whimsical Radar, the Geiger Counter, the Radiation Canopy, the Sagittarius, the Shock Absorber, the Automatic Gear, the #1 Ionium Jet, the Anti-Dioxin Filter, the Omega Stabilizer, the Gravity Jumper, the Analog Computer, the Guard Satellite, the Libra, the Repair-type Bolt, the Gluon Drive, the Zirconium Rotor, the Interstellar Radio, the Pilot’s Seat, the #2 Ionium Jet, the Bowsprit, the Chronos Reactor, the Nova Blaster, the Space Float, the Massage Machine, the UV Lamp, and the Secret Safe. The last five parts are optional!

If you’re interested, we’ve got 100% completion guides available for several more Nintendo Switch games — you can find them all via the link below. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to join our Discord server and ask away. Stay tuned for future guides — thanks so much for reading!

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