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Exion currently hosts four amiibo tier lists across the Super Smash Bros. series. These include one for Super Smash Bros. 4 and three for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Each of them receives updates on a regular basis bar the one for Smash 4, as that metagame has been inactive for several years. Here are links for each of the tier lists:

Each of these tier lists is updated and maintained by Exion — with one exception. The Spirits amiibo list was created by Isla the Spirit Amiibo Matchup community; their server handles updates for the list and then submits them here for public view. If you have any questions regarding the Spirit amiibo list, please direct them to their server! If your question relates to one of the other tier lists, you can direct them to our server instead.

Tier List Details & Explanation

You might be wondering how we make our tier lists. The answer: tournament data! In Smash 4, tourneys were much farther few and between than they are in Ultimate. Add a relative lack of participants, and it makes sense that gathering said tournament data was difficult. As a result, the Smash 4 list specifically was based more on the opinion of top trainers. Given that this metagame is no longer active, it’s unlikely that the list will ever receive an update again.

Our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier lists do receive input from top trainers, but they’re much more rooted in data than our Smash 4 list. Thanks to the advent of tools like Amiibots and matchup calculators, getting a feel for which Figure Players are strongest becomes much easier. There are enough differences in the vanilla and Spirited metagames to warrant the maintenance of two separate lists.

As for Raid Boss FPs, they aren’t designed to fight other trained amiibo, so a tier list can’t be constructed for them in the same way. Raid Boss tier lists you see will rely more heavily on personal opinion. If you’d like more information on our tier list updates and what changes between each version, keep a close eye on the tier list update category.

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