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Armor Knight is a Spirit effect introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It occupies two Support slots and boosts its user’s attack by 1.15x and its defense by 1.8x. Compared to other Spirit effects, the enhancements Armor Knight provides are near-unrivaled, though it does come with a drawback of 0.7x movement speed. Armor Knight is generally banned from online tournaments due to its extreme power boost.

General Information

Whereas the Super Armor Support skill works best with heavyweights, Armor Knight pairs well with almost any fighter. It provides incredible boosts to its user’s attack and defense stats, and its movement penalty can be mitigated or nullified if the user runs Trade-Off Ability ↑, Move Speed ↑, or Trade-Off Speed ↑ on the same Spirit build. As a result, running Armor Knight and a speed-boosting bonus incurs no movement penalty.

Prior to its removal from competitive tournaments, almost every Figure Player used Armor Knight in some way, shape, or form. Fighters with strong off-stage options – including Lucas, Piranha Plant, and King K. Rool, among others – became incredibly dominant. Furthermore, Armor Knight was almost always run alongside a maximized Defense stat, which made matches last much longer (and arguably made tournament sets more boring to watch).

If Armor Knight were to be reallowed, almost every optimal FP would undoubtedly run it. If every FP runs the same Spirit effects, it essentially removes the main draw of a Spirits metagame: the ability to choose from a selection of viable bonus effects for the sake of variety. To this day, Armor Knight remains banned from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unless its stat enhancements are significantly nerfed via game updates, it will likely remain banned forever.


FPs can only inherit skills from Support Spirits, and the Halberd Spirit is the only Support Spirit with the Armor Knight skill. It can be obtained from Funky Kong’s shop, which in turn can be accessed via World of Light. Unfortunately, whether or not the Halberd Spirit is available is left up to chance, making Armor Knight a rather troublesome Spirit to acquire. It is thought that World of Light shops prioritize Spirits that the player does not own, which may make farming repeat Halberd Spirits difficult (unless the player has every Spirit in the game).

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