amiibo Wiki: Brighteyes

Brighteyes is Clockwerk66’s Kirby amiibo. It is considered the strongest Kirby amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is nearly solely responsible for Kirby’s favorable placement on the amiibo tier list.


Brighteyes’s name origin is straightforward, as it uses Kirby’s Meta Knight-themed alternate costume (which has bright eyes). It is also the only known Kirby amiibo to use this skin on a consistent basis.

Brighteyes first appeared in Vanilla Cream where it took the championship title against MiDe’s Captain Falcon. Brighteyes went on to win many more tournaments, winning key matches against Cucco-Master’s Ridley and Supernova’s Snake, among others. It is known for its extensive usage of Final Cutter, which has proven to be a solid damage-racking option on Kirby. Brighteyes tends to struggle against characters with high range, particuarly Lucina and Chrom.

Tournament Wins (6)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Brighteyes placed first in Vanilla Cream, Alcohol Birthday, Pit Fight 7, Flash Fight for Amiibo Cameo Dio Brando Za Warudo, Vanilla Sundae 0, and Amiibo Super Slam: The Squeakquel.

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