Flara is Vintro’s Mii Gunner amiibo. Alongside Stephanie, Flara is considered one of the best Mii Gunners in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was first entered in Farming Simulator 2019 and has accumulated several tournament wins since then.


Flara, along with Redbull, Qué Ota, and Musket, was one of the four dominating characters of the early Smash Ultimate amiibo metagame. Flara’s playstyle is easily described; it consists of spamming Gunner Missile until one of them KOs the opponent. This strategy has worked surprisingly well for Flara and has resulted in several tournament wins. A full list of these wins is provided below. Brackets are included where possible.

Nickname Origin

Flara’s Mii is based on one of Vintro’s original characters who, incidentally, is also named Flara. In her original design and in amiibo form, Flara appears as a red-haired girl in a business suit. Her briefcase arm is exclusive to her amiibo design.

Tournament Wins


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