Gravyboat (often shortened to Gravy) is Cloud’s King K. Rool amiibo. It is considered one of the strongest King K. Rool amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is one of the few contenders to defeat Flara in a tournament set.


Gravyboat made its debut in Actually, what’s with that crack over there?, a Cloud’s Forum Adventuresthemed competition with a standard ruleset. It was able to defeat a Ridley, a Lucina, a Zelda, Flara, and finally a Link before claiming the championship title. Gravyboat acts similarly to an Elite Smash King K. Rool player.

Nickname Origin

Gravyboat’s nickname is unclear, as an actual gravy boat is a sauce pitcher served at dinner tables. Nevertheless, the name has stuck and is seen as a fairly humorous nickname.

Tournament Wins


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