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Hero’s amiibo figure was first released on October 2, 2020, and is compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in which he is considered high-tier. If you would like to read Hero’s full training guide, you can do so right here.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As with most DLC fighters, Hero’s AI is known to be a bit stronger than that of FPs introduced in the base game. As a result, Hero has many intricacies in his AI for players to discover. For example, although he occasionally has trouble charging and firing his neutral special, he is more consistent with it than other fighters with chargeable projectiles (Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, Samus with Charge Shot, etc.). Hero’s AI can be taught how often to use its down special, but its usage of each individual spell within the menu is hard-coded. It has even been known to use Kamikazee with surprising timing and accuracy! In competitive tournaments, Hero has enjoyed high representation and several important wins. Smash attacks are already most FPs’ strongest attacks, and Hero’s have the added bonus of a devastating critical-strike chance. These critical hits can help Hero turn the tide of battle in his favor. Furthermore, Hero’s spells are versatile, and can rack on damage or cause a variety of interesting effects.

True to his ranking on our tier list, Hero generally performs well against fighters ranked lower than him, but can struggle against the metagame’s top-tiers. King Dedede, Lucas, and Mii Gunner are a few characters who are known to give Hero trouble. Some of his negative traits include a slightly sluggish moveset, a tendency to occasionally self-destruct with Kamikazee at the beginning of a match or stock, and a reliance on MP — if he goes off-stage with an empty meter, he won’t have enough magic left to cast his recovery spell.

All in all, Hero is a highly versatile fighter with an even higher competitive potential, and many trainers have won tournament championships with the character. Some rely heavily on Command Selection, while others (albeit fewer) choose not to use spells or special moves at all. Hero’s unique critical hit mechanic makes him a solid contender all on its own, and so this fighter is a great choice for tour entries. If you would like to learn how to train a Hero amiibo of your own, you can check out our official training guide right here.

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