amiibo Wiki: Joker

Joker is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Super Smash Bros. series Joker amiibo was released on October 2, 2020. Joker is considered mid-tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Joker is a middleweight character with fast attacks and a decent recovery. His claim to fame is his Persona, Arsène, who can be summoned after Joker fills his unique Rebellion Gauge. Arsène significantly increases Joker’s attack power and adds new properties to his special moves; among these enhancements is added vertical distance to his up special. Joker’s AI is unique in that it is one of the only in Ultimate capable of performing complex combos. It can use its up air for dragdown combos, and has several moves hard-coded as follow-ups, including its smash attacks. These combos are easy to teach (the Figure Player just needs to be taught to use its up aerial and it will eventually teach itself the dragdown portion) and work well against human players.

Unfortunately, these combos only work against human players. The amiibo Buff – which is automatically applied to every Figure Player, even without Spirits – sometimes prevents dragdown combos from working on opposing FPs. Joker’s AI will try one of its combos, but then fail and leave itself vulnerable. Furthermore, Joker’s AI occasionally falls too low to recover with its Grappling Hook and self-destructs. It is also known to occasionally recover high with Arsène active. Interestingly enough, the AI cannot tell when Arsène is present and thus cannot be trained to play differently when its Rebellion Gauge is full. Another trouble Joker suffers from is a lack of range.

Overall, Joker has accrued slightly below-average tournament results, but good representation. His performance is a bit inconsistent, and he struggles against top-tier fighters like Bowser and Incineroar despite having a powerful counter move with Arsène active. If you want to read our Joker amiibo training guide, you can do so here. Please note that this guide targets the amiibo-versus-amiibo format. Information on Raid Boss training is included below.

Raid Boss Training

If you want to train a Joker amiibo to fight human players, its optimal Spirits and training strategy will be slightly different than what our guide suggests (which, again, targets amiibo-versus-amiibo). As with most characters, either Super Armor or Great Autoheal is going to be Joker’s best bonus effect. They both take up all three slots and are pretty tough to get, though. In terms of other options, Joker’s Raid Boss Spirit selections are a bit slim. Weapon Attack ↑, Move Speed ↑, and Landing Lag ↓ is a solid setup he can use instead. You could run Physical Attack ↑ over Weapon Attack or Landing Lag ↓ but that is not recommended.

Joker’s neutral tools are straightforward: jab, grab, forward tilt, neutral special, and his aerials are all great choices. Down air is good for landing and as a mixup option (the AI is great at timing and spacing the hitbox), while neutral air is another good landing option that covers a large area. Back air is very powerful – even more so with Arsène – and forward air is good for edgeguarding and can lead into some hard-coded combos, which the AI will know instinctively. Its up air dragdown combos are hard-coded too, so teach the FP to use up air and it will figure out the rest on its own. Side special is okay to be used a few times, but shouldn’t be relied on. Up and down special should not be used at all (except to recover in up special’s case). All of Joker’s smash attacks can see some light use, but of the three, up smash should be used most often. As a Raid Boss, Joker shouldn’t shield too often since his out-of-shield options are lackluster (at least, as an amiibo), so just flicker your shield every once in a while. Joker shouldn’t edgeguard too far, but his off-stage tools are too strong to leave out entirely. A little bit of edgeguarding is advised.

In short, Joker should use jab, grab, forward tilt, neutral special, and any combination of his aerials while on-stage. Mix in some off-stage pressure and a bit of smash attacks, with some extra focus placed on his up smash. Don’t use side special or shields too often, and don’t use up or down special at all. If you need more information, you can check out our Joker training guide, our general amiibo training guide, and our Raid Boss training guide. Between those pages, you should have more than enough resources to start training a powerful Joker Raid Boss!

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