amiibo Wiki: Journeys

Journeys are a feature in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Once a day, a Figure Player can be sent on a journey; its file is temporarily uploaded to the server where it participates in online matches against other FPs.

General Information

A Figure Player can be sent on a journey once a day. Once uploaded to the server, it will fight other FPs; however, the match rules are selected at random and rotate between Stock, Time, Stamina, Team Battles, and free-for-alls. Furthermore, items are always turned on and cannot be switched off. As a result, it is recommended that FPs have their Learn button turned off prior to being sent on a journey. There are no rewards for sending an amiibo on a journey, but their total victories are saved to the file. Overall, trainers tend to ignore journeys, as they bring little benefit to an FP’s training and serve no other purpose.

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