amiibo Wiki: Journeys

Training Journeys are a feature introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Once every twenty hours, one Figure Player can be sent on a journey via the internet. Its training data will be uploaded to the server, where it will then participate in online matches against other FPs.

General Information

Training Journeys are rarely – if ever – utilized by competitive amiibo trainers. Each journey consists of a set of three matches against other Figure Players that have been sent on journeys. The rules for each match are essentially random, and rotate between stock, timed, team, and stamina battles. Items are always turned on. As a result, serious trainers will fight and raise their FPs themselves rather than sending them on a training journey.

It is worth noting that each time a Figure Player wins a match while on a journey, its “journey win count” value is updated. This number is used to track an in-game advancement regarding the number of journey wins a player’s FPs accumulate.

Recalling from Journeys

Though incredibly rare, malicious competitors can send .bin files of other trainers’ Figure Players on a journey without their permission. When an FP is on a journey and it is used on a different console, an error message will appear and give the player the option to end the journey early.  This means that players can recall other trainers’ amiibo from journeys without their permission.

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