amiibo Wiki: Jovem Ota

Jovem Ota★ (often shortened to Jovem) is Leaf’s Young Link amiibo. It is considered the best Young Link amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and one of the most trained amiibo in general (Leaf has reset it to Level 1 over thirty times).


Jovem Ota first appeared in January 2019 despite Leaf not physically owning a Young Link amiibo. Jovem Ota’s playstyle is reminiscent of a cross between Musket and Qué Ota. Jovem Ota’s tournament debut was Spirited Surprise 1 where he was eliminated without winning any matches. This set the tone of his “amiibo career”, as many of Jovem’s lost stocks were due to an unchangeable AI flaw. He went on to garner mediocre results for weeks on end until early February where he claimed the first (and currently only) Young Link amiibo tournament win. This revitalized his training and Leaf began to enter him more, earning impressive results but no further championship titles. Jovem Ota was eventually retired as the community shifted away from the Spirits metagame.

Jovem Ota’s nickname is an extension of Qué Ota’s. Jovem Ota’s nickname is occasionally stylized with a star to symbolize the tournament he won and the fact that a Young Link amiibo winning a large competition may never occur again.

Tournament Wins: 1

World Video Smashing Association 2: Lightweights (SSBU)

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