amiibo Wiki: Keebert

Keebert is Cloud’s Kirby amiibo. Despite this, Cloud himself has never trained Keebert; instead, it is considered property of the Amiibo Dojo and is exclusively trained by members of the community. The end goal is for Keebert to become the first collaboration amiibo to win a major tournament.


Keebert was “born” on January 26, 2019 as a joint effort between several community members. Its backup file is passed around from person to person; each trainer has 24 hours to try and improve the character. The file is then returned to Cloud, who periodically enters Keebert into tournaments. As mentioned earlier, Keebert’s trainer is listed as “Amiibo Dojo”; as a result, Cloud entering Keebert does not count as entering his own amiibo. At the time of writing, Keebert has not won any tournaments.

The name “Keebert” refers to Keebs, a character in Cloud’s Forum Adventures who appears as a yellow Kirby with orange shoes. Incidentally, Keebert’s costume appears visually identical. It is unknown if Keebert is meant to be Keebs’ full name or if it is intended to be a relative of Keebs himself.

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