amiibo Wiki: King K. Rool

King K. Rool is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Super Smash Bros. series King K. Rool amiibo was released alongside Ice Climbers and Piranha Plant on February 15, 2019.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Owing to his large size and iron stomach, King K. Rool is the second heaviest fighter and is only surpassed by Bowser. In addition to possessing an extraordinarily powerful moveset, K. Rool boasts two projectiles and a great recovery. The king is also gifted with a character-specific mechanic in Belly Super Armor: if his belly is attacked while he is using his forward tilt, up smash, down smash, dash attack, neutral aerial, or down aerial, he will suffer no knockback and only minor damage. This allows King K. Rool to use brute force to intercept enemy attacks and rack up damage or go for a KO. Finally, despite his heavy weight, K. Rool’s off-stage game is rather potent, as his back aerial and down aerial are both powerful spikes.

Although King K. Rool breaks the tradition of heavyweights in several ways, he does suffer from many of the same issues. His moveset is relatively slow, making him easily overwhelmed by opponents with faster frame data. If the king’s Belly Super Armor is triggered too many times in a row, his stomach will shatter and render him completely immobile for several seconds. Furthermore, King K. Rool’s AI is hard-coded to use its forward smash after burying an opponent with its down throw. In early versions of the game, this combo worked as expected; however, in a patch, the king’s down throw bury time was reduced, and now AI opponents are able to escape each time.

Overall, King K. Rool has accrued fantastic tournament results and representation. Supernova, Blank, Burr, Cucco-Master, and Cloud have all found success with the character, cementing his position as a top-tier contender.

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