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King K. Rool’s amiibo figure was first released on February 15, 2019, and is compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in which he is considered top-tier. If you would like to read King K. Rool’s full amiibo training guide, you can find its link right here.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Owing to his large size and iron stomach, King K. Rool is a heavyweight fighter, making him one of the most resilient fighters in the game. In addition to possessing an extraordinarily powerful moveset, K. Rool also boasts two solid projectiles (Blunderbuss and Crownerang) and a usable recovery. Furthermore, the king is gifted with a character-specific mechanic in Belly Super Armor; if his belly is attacked while he is using his forward tilt, up smash, down smash, dash attack, neutral aerial, or down aerial, he will suffer no knockback and only minor damage. This allows King K. Rool to use brute force to intercept enemy attacks and either rack up damage or KO outright. King K. Rool also benefits from a potent off-stage game; his down aerial is a particularly strong finisher that can close out stocks early. He’s also got favorable matchups against fellow top-tiers Ridley, Bowser, Ness, and Zelda.

Although King K. Rool breaks the tradition of heavyweight fighters in many ways, he does suffer from many of the same issues. His moveset is relatively slow, making him somewhat easily overwhelmed by opponents with faster frame data. If the king’s Belly Super Armor is activated too many times in a row, his stomach will shatter and render him completely immobile for several seconds. King K. Rool suffers from a few AI issues, too; it sometimes recovers too high and leaves itself vulnerable, and it often uses a forward smash after a down throw even though the smash attack rarely connects. Lastly, although K. Rool has a great matchup spread, he does tend to struggle against Mii Gunner, who can outrange him with a forward smash or Gunner Missile. He’s also known to have shaky matchups against Piranha Plant and Incineroar.

Overall, King K. Rool has accrued fantastic tournament results and representation, and is one of the most successful Figure Player characters in this game. He is so successful, in fact, that many tourneys have chosen to flat-out ban him as a result. His Belly Super Armor invalidates many mid- and low-tier characters, so the presence of King K. Rool in competitive play essentially forces trainers to enter other top-tier amiibo to be able to contend. If you would like to learn how to train your own King K. Rool amiibo, you can do so via our training guide.

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