Leaf PSI

Leaf PSI (also known as Leaf ψ) is Leaf’s Lucas amiibo. It is widely considered to be the strongest Lucas amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the most consistently dominant amiibo in the Spirits metagame (bar Flara and Stephanie). Leaf PSI’s fame comes not only from its tournament wins; it is also one of the flashiest amiibo in the scene, and regularly chases opponents to the blast zones for spikes.


Leaf PSI technically made its debut in Amiibo Action 3, where it placed 13th. However, this tournament took place before Leaf discovered a new training method for Lucas; this led to a full reset of the amiibo.

Leaf PSI’s current iteration made its debut in Amiibo Action 4, where it came in 5th place and lost twice to Qué Ota; this would later go on to be one of its worst matchups, establishing Link as one of Lucas’ few hard counters.

Leaf PSI, like Qué Ota, was not the first to run the Armor Knight & Move Speed ↑ build, but was able to bring it to entirely new heights and further its potential in the metagame. Lucas’ recovery is nearly infallible, meaning the mobility drawback of Armor Knight does not affect it. This helped Leaf PSI become the “king” of spikes and gimps and revolutionized off-stage play in the Spirits metagame.

Nickname Origin

Leaf PSI is named after Leaf. The “PSI” part of its nickname derives from Lucas’ PSI (or PK) powers. It is unknown exactly why Leaf decided to name his Lucas after himself, but the community has deemed it acceptable due to its dominance in competitive tournaments.

Tournament Wins


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