amiibo Wiki: Learn Button

The Learn button is a feature introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It can be found in the Figure Player’s settings menu, and controls whether or not it learns from matches it plays. Most tournament-ready FPs are sent in with Learning off to preserve their play style.

General Information

Switching a Figure Player’s Learn button to on is the only way to change its personality without using Spirits. With Learning on, FPs can adapt to matches and change their play style. As a general rule of thumb, FPs should only be mirror matched (by a human player) with Learning on, and should only face CPUs or other FPs if their Learning is off. It is worth noting that FPs with Learning on may be trying to copy their opponent’s play style, not counter it. For example, if one attempts to train a Mario amiibo while playing as Ganondorf, the Mario FP may adopt Ganondorf’s play style even though the two characters’ movesets are fundamentally incompatible.

Almost every amiibo trainer switches their FP’s Learning off before sending it to a tournament. This ensures its play style is preserved during tournament matches. With Learning off, an FP’s personality and move priorities are locked and cannot be changed via training. Any Spirits they inherit will affect their training data even if Learning is switched off.

If an FP’s Learning is turned off at Level 1, and it is raised to Level 50, it will adopt a “default AI”. This training method has not seen much success in competitive play, though JustBrian boasts a tournament win with an Incineroar amiibo that was raised with its Learning off.

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