Musket is MiDe’s Lucina amiibo. Alongside Qué Ota, Redbull, and Flara, Musket was one of the strongest contenders in the early Super Smash Bros. Ultimate metagame and is (alongside Sarah) considered one of the best Lucina amiibo in the game.


Musket’s first victory was in Amiibo Action 2.5, where it handily defeated all of its opponents. Lucina was the best amiibo in the late Super Smash Bros. 4 metagame; as a result, trainers did not know how the character transitioned between games. Musket answered this question with several resounding tournament wins. A full list of these wins can be found below.

Nickname Origin

Musket’s name origin is not entirely clear; however, MiDe has stated that it has to do with an inside joke revolving around “bringing a musket to a knife fight.”

Tournament Wins


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