amiibo Wiki: Off-Stage

Off-stage play refers to a crucial aspect of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo metagame. Characters with powerful aerials or ledge options tend to rank higher on the tier list. In Super Smash Bros. 4, Figure Players rarely left the stage; thus off-stage capabilities were a non-factor when determining character viability.

Notable Examples

The most notable example of a fighter who excels at off-stage play is Lucas. He can gimp opponents with his back and down aerial moves and then recover flawlessly with his up special. Another example is Ridley, who can use his neutral special to keep enemies at bay. Unfortunately, many characters with meteor smashes lack reliable recoveries, such as Ness and Ganondorf, and thus are best trained on-stage.

Fighters become more viable if they are difficult to gimp. King K. Rool is the most notable example of this; as his Propellerpack’s hitbox often interrupts incoming attacks from above. Piranha Plant fits this description as well, as Piranhacopter’s hitboxes often interrupt aerial moves.

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