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An amiibo’s Personality (also referenced as its Style) refers to one of twenty-five potential playstyles the amiibo can adopt in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These include Normal, Cautious, Realistic, Unflappable, Light, Quick, Lightning Fast, Enthusiastic, Aggressive, Offensive, Reckless, Thrill Seeker, Daredevil, Versatile, Tricky, Technician, Show-Off, Flashy, Entertainer, Cool, Logical, Sly, Laid Back, Wild, and Lively.

General Information

At Level 1, a Figure Player will always start with the Normal personality. If the amiibo’s Learn button is switched off, it will retain the Normal personality until its Learn button is switched back on. Otherwise, with Learning on, the FP will inherit a personality based on the type of opponent it faces. An FP generally develops its first personality by the time it reaches Level 40; the style can then change with additional matches.

Alternatively, an FP’s personality can be changed by allowing it to inherit Spirits. With this, an amiibo can have a personality other than Normal before it reaches Level 40; however, this does not affect its outcome at Level 50. Furthermore, certain Spirits will change specific values inside of the amiibo. For example, allowing an amiibo to absorb a Meloetta Spirit will increase its taunt value. A full list of Spirit value effects is currently unavailable.

An amiibo’s personality does not necessarily determine the outcome of matches it plays; in other words, the amiibo’s training is described by its personality, not defined. During training, it is best not to focus too much on its personality. To add to this, personality are also a “spectrum”. As an example, the Aggressive style is also linked to Offensive, Reckless, Daredevil, and Thrill Seeker. If an amiibo has an Aggressive style, it could lean towards any of the aforementioned alternate styles.

List of Personalities

  • Normal: The game’s “default” amiibo AI. It seems to balance most of its moveset as well as its aggressive and defensive options. Most amiibo entered in tournaments have a personality other than Normal (unless its Learn button was switched off at Level 1), so more data is needed to form a proper conclusion.
  • Cautious: Mostly self-explanatory. amiibo with the Cautious personality tend to avoid taking risks; this means they rarely (if ever) attempt to gimp opponents who have left the stage. Otherwise, it is a somewhat defensive playstyle that can still take advantage of enemies in a disadvantage state.
  • Realistic: Closely related to the Cautious personality and can be considered a more extreme form of it. amiibo with the Realistic style are even more defensive, and are even less likely to leave the stage to edgeguard an opponent. It can still happen, but the amiibo will hesitate.
  • Unflappable: The most defensive personality an amiibo can adopt. Often shields when not doing anything and can parry incoming attacks rather well. Tends to favor grounded and smash attacks. If you were to train an amiibo in Ultimate with the same defensive training methods used in Smash 4, you would most likely get the Unflappable personality.
  • Light: If the character has a projectile-based attack, they will use it more often than amiibo with a different personality. Tends to use simple combos and minor rushdown strategies to rack up damage fast. Also likes to use aerial moves.
  • Quick: Very similar to the Light personality, but favors combos a bit more and is not as aerially-inclined. Often dash-dances and foxtrots when not actively attacking or defending.
  • Lightning Fast: The fastest personality available. amiibo with the Lightning Fast personality are almost always on the offensive with the intent being to overwhelm opponents with several consecutive attacks. They constantly dash dance and foxtrot to approach.
  • Enthusiastic: An aggressive-type personality that tends to hit with single powerful attacks. Goes off-stage to gimp opponents and maintains a constant offensive presence. May taunt after a KO.
  • Aggressive: Hence its name, an amiibo with the Aggressive personality will act aggressive. It utilizes consecutive attacks before finishing stocks with a stronger move. May dash dance and foxtrot to approach. Goes off-stage to gimp.
  • Offensive: Very similar to Aggressive, but with a higher focus on early KOs and stronger attacks. May be more inclined to go off-stage and edgeguard opponents. Otherwise shares most of the same traits with the Aggressive personality.
  • Reckless: amiibo with the Reckless personality rarely shield, parry, or defend against attacks. They may dodge or roll, but are almost always on the offensive even if it poses a risk.
  • Thrill Seeker: Tends to go off-stage to gimp opponents, but to a greater extent than previous personalities. May do so even if the character in question has a poor recovery and may not successfully return to the stage.
  • Daredevil: The riskiest personality possible. Can be obtained on an amiibo by performing sacrificial KOs. amiibo with the Daredevil personality will do whatever it takes to gimp an enemy, even if it loses a stock in the process.
  • Versatile: A rather balanced personality that can adapt to most situations with ease. Compared to other styles, there is less information available on Versatile, but it seems to be fairly similar to and connected with the Normal style.
  • Tricky: amiibo with the Tricky personality have a rather strong punish game and are very mobile on the battlefield. They will also utilize and space their projectiles if they have one available.
  • Technician: An offshoot of the Tricky personality. amiibo with the Technician personality may use more short hop aerials and place a greater priority on racking up damage with projectiles. More data is needed to form a proper conclusion.
  • Show-Off: Similar to Thrill Seeker, the Show-Off personality involves going off-stage and spiking opponents. If the character does not have a spike, they can still adopt this style.
  • Flashy: Lots of aerials, gimping, and taunting. May be more inclined to take risks and execute difficult combos.
  • Entertainer: The least understood style, and perhaps the rarest of them all. Figure Players with the Entertainer personality are thought to take more risks; however, almost no tournament-ready amiibo have this style. Whether this is due to it being a suboptimal style or difficult to get is unknown.
  • Cool: A rather defensive personality. The “Cool” part refers to the fact that amiibo with this style can “keep their cool”. Still uses aerials, and may even leave the stage to gimp, but doesn’t take many risks and generally plays it safe.
  • Logical: A defensive personality that involves projectiles. If the amiibo has one, it will utilize it. Otherwise, it remains mostly defensive. If it goes off-stage, it will often simply recover back even if it had an opportunity to gimp.
  • Sly: An offshoot of Logical that is more projectile based. May be inclined to dash dance and foxtrot, but more data is needed.
  • Laid Back: A slow personality that doesn’t make much use of mobility techniques. Seems to be closely connected to the Normal style.
  • Wild: Not much is known about the Wild personality, but it appears to be connected to the Flashy and Show-Off styles. More data is needed.
  • Lively: Closely related to the Wild personality. Keeps moving at all times and goes off-stage to gimp. May taunt or dash-dance.

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