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A Figure Player’s personality (occasionally referenced to as its style) refers to one of 25 playstyle descriptors an FP can adopt in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These include Normal, Cautious, Realistic, Unflappable, Light, Quick, Lightning Fast, Enthusiastic, Aggressive, Offensive, Reckless, Thrill Seeker, Daredevil, Versatile, Tricky, Technician, Show-Off, Flashy, Entertainer, Cool, Logical, Sly, Laid Back, Wild, and Lively.

General Information

There is a common misconception that a certain personality is “best” depending on the character being trained. This is not true, however; personalities are merely a vague indicator of how a Figure Player behaves and should not be used as a training benchmark of any kind. Personalities are a spectrum, so an FP with the Aggressive personality may still behave somewhat defensively (for example). Rather than focus on the FP’s personality, trainers are advised to teach the AI to utilize its best moves as per our character guides. Alternatively, an FP’s personality can be changed by allowing it to inherit Spirits. Every Primary and Support Spirit changes an amiibo’s personality values and move priorities. At Level 1, an amiibo will gain personality values and move priorities if fed a Spirit.

At Level 1, a Figure Player always starts with the Normal personality. If the amiibo’s Learn button is switched off, it will retain the Normal personality until its Learning is switched back on. To determine the FP’s personality, the game reads from a variety of values, including its movement tendencies and move priorities. From these, a broad label is determined to serve as the FP’s personality tag. With Learning on, an FP’s personality generally changes from Normal to another one by Level 40. That being said, a Level 50 amiibo with the Normal personality is still possible. And while there is no “best” or “worst” personality, an amiibo’s optimal training strategy may happen to align with a specific one. For example, correctly following our Ness guide most likely results in a Light personality. Following our Ridley guide most often results in a Logical personality.

There is much yet to discover about what each personality type actually entails. As mentioned previously, trainers are advised not to worry about their FP’s personality and should focus on playing matches and teaching it specific moves instead. The personality label is determined via a complex algorithm that accounts for the FP’s movement and attack priorities; as a result, it is unlikely that we will ever know what values result in which personalities. More information regarding amiibo personalities can be found here.

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