amiibo Wiki: Pichu

Pichu is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Super Smash Bros. series Pichu amiibo was officially released on July 26, 2019, though it was accessed early by dedicated trainers in May of the same year. Pichu is considered bottom-tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pichu’s Figure Player shares a lot of similarities with Joker’s. Both were accessed and trained months before their official release. More similar, though, is that Pichu and Joker’s FPs perform well against human opponents – and are capable of performing relatively complex combos – but perform poorly than expected against AI opponents. Pichu’s few advantages include its smart AI (which is impressively proficient with most of its moveset), reliable recovery, and powerful down air meteor smash.

However, Pichu suffers from horrendous survivability; it is the lightest character in the game, making its matchups against heavy hitters like Link and Bowser extremely difficult. Its lack of weight is particularly troubling, because Pichu has a solid AI and a usable moveset. Adding to this issue is its recoil mechanic, which makes it take damage even faster. Pichu’s AI does not necessarily know it takes recoil damage, and thus will not specifically avoid electric moves. It also has range issues; its smash attacks don’t reach as far as Pikachu’s, though they do deal more damage.

Overall, Pichu has accrued poor tournament results and is considered both bottom-tier and inferior to Pikachu. It makes smart plays in tourney matches, but is KOed so early that most trainers just enter Pikachu instead. Pichu’s trump cards are its forward smash and down aerial; though Pikachu’s are the same and are arguably superior. If you would like to learn how to train a Pichu amiibo, check our training guide! Do note, then, that the guide covers the amiibo-versus-amiibo format. Information on training an amiibo to fight human players can be found in the section below.

Raid Boss Training

If you want to train your Pichu amiibo to fight human players, you’ve chosen a great character! Its AI is tricky and human opponents often have trouble beating it. First, you’ll want to refer to both our Pichu training guide and our general amiibo training guide, especially if you’ve never trained an amiibo before. Let’s start with Raid Boss-specific information, then. For Spirits, Pichu’s best option is Great Autoheal. Its healing effect helps offset Pichu’s recoil damage and keeps it healthy for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, there’s no Spirit effect to fix Pichu’s low weight. Alternative options include Electric Attack ↑, Air Attack ↑, and Move Speed ↑. You could run additional defense points on Pichu, but they don’t lower its recoil damage.

As a Raid Boss, Pichu’s primary move should be forward tilt; it’s fast, strong, and has surprisingly impressive range. Its AI is also packed with a lot of combos, including ones that stem from its up aerial. It can follow up with a forward or back air for additional damage. Up tilt is another great move to start combos, though it typically leads into the aforementioned up air. Down tilt combos into forward air and down throw combos into up air. Neutral and down air make for decent landing options, with the latter being especially strong off-stage. Its smash attacks are risky, but forward and down smash should see occasional use.

In short, Pichu should prioritize its tilts as neutral options alongside its grab. All five of its aerials are great, but its neutral and up airs are best because they don’t inflict recoil damage. Forward smash and down smash can be sprinkled in a bit too. Again, if you need more information on training a Raid Boss Pichu amiibo, you can check our Pichu training guide and our general training guide.

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