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poopman67 is Noah’s Mario amiibo. It is one of the only well-known amiibo that has not won any tournament championships; instead, it became popular due to its noteworthy and humorous performance in its first Super Smash Bros. 4 competition. Contrary to popular belief, poopman67 is not a Super Smash Bros. series Mario figure; it is actually a Super Mario Bros. series Gold Mario amiibo.


poopman67 was first entered into a double elimination Smash 4 amiibo tournament with over forty entrants. The bracket has since been lost, but poopman67’s performance is remembered by many to this day. For reasons unknown, Noah entered poopman at Level 26, meaning its attack, defense, and AI was significantly weakened compared to its fellow competitors. Despite this, poopman67 was able to win two separate matches by using its side special, Cape, to gimp its opponent’s recovery. This was the first case of a non-Level 50 amiibo winning a tournament match, and led to extensive experimentation from members such as MegaVGmaster. poopman67 has not yet been seen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though many experienced trainers yearn for its return.

The exact origin of the nickname poopman67 is unknown; however, it matches Noah’s preferred username. It is believed that Noah had intended to use “poopman” as his Fortnite username, but when the name was already taken, it suggested adding “67”, and Noah complied. This name was then transferred to his Mario amiibo, which was the first amiibo he ever trained.

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