amiibo Wiki: Power Rankings

Power Rankings refer to a pseudo-tier list that ranks players of a given video game. Over the course of the Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo metagames, many players have tried to implement a power rankings system; however, the amiibo metagame and a power rankings system are fundamentally incompatible for a variety of reasons.

Unlike competitive Super Smash Bros., where players from around the world gather for major tournaments, the amiibo metagame’s competitions are exclusively held online (either via Battle Arenas or Amiibo Powersaves). This means a theoretical power ranking would encompass all countries rather than a local area.

Also unlike competitive Super Smash Bros., players cannot directly control their amiibo in tournaments. Whereas competitive players may be able to find a small degree of success with low-tier characters, several amiibo are flat-out unviable and are thought to be completely hopeless: these include Bayonetta, Young Link, and Ice Climbers, among others. The addition of a power ranking system would discourage players from training low-tier characters, as a low-tier is much more likely to lose against a high-tier in the amiibo metagame than in the competitive Smash metagame. Essentially, a power ranking system in Ultimate would encourage a competitive environment consisting solely of Bowser, Piranha Plant, Link, and Mii Gunner. Such a system would destroy the concept of variety in the metagame; ultimately, this would lead to many trainers leaving the scene. As a result of the amiibo metagame’s unique properties, a power ranking system is not possible and will not be implemented at any point.

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