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Amiibo Powersaves are an external editing device created and sold by Datel. It appears as a small rectangular platform that can be plugged into a PC. An amiibo figure can then be placed on top of the platform, and the software can read its chip and create backup files of the data. Included with Amiibo Powersaves is a Power Tag that can be loaded with any amiibo’s file. Tournament hosts use Power Tags to bring trainers’ Figure Players to life, thus making “submission tournaments” a possibility.

General Information

Amiibo Powersaves were first made available shortly after the release of Super Smash Bros. 4. It provides a variety of benefits to its users; it can back up and restore amiibo files (which are saved as .bin files, with each one taking up only a few kilobytes of storage space) as well as apply stats and bonuses instantaneously. Equipment pieces took a long time to farm in Smash 4, so this capability was very much appreciated among amiibo trainers. Additionally, Powersaves can change a Figure Player’s custom moves, even if the user has not unlocked them on their copy of Smash 4. That being said, a Figure Player’s training data cannot be directly adjusted by Powersaves. As a result, using Powersaves on an amiibo does not give it an inherent advantage.

Unfortunately, Amiibo Powersaves have not been updated for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They can back up and restore amiibo trained in Ultimate, so “submission tournaments” are still very possible. However, Powersaves includes no functionality for adding Spirits to Smash Ultimate amiibo. To review, amiibo characters introduced or trained in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can still be recognized by the software. Powersaves can still back up and restore them. But it can’t change its Spirit setup.

The Power Tag that comes bundled with Amiibo Powersaves is a small round and disc-like trinket that has a chip inside. Any amiibo file the user has saved can then be written to the tag, and it can then be scanned onto a Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo Switch as if it were a genuine amiibo figure. The consoles cannot tell the difference between a genuine amiibo and a Power Tag file. Using the Power Tag, tournament hosts can accept .bin file submissions from trainers and then bring them to life on their consoles. This was first popularized by Amiibo Dan, who is commonly credited with enabling and advertising the presence of an online metagame. If you would like to read more about Amiibo Powersaves and how to use them, you can read our guide right here.

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