amiibo Wiki: Amiibo Powersaves

Amiibo Powersaves are an external editing device created and sold by Datel. It appears as a small rectangular platform that can read and write to an amiibo’s NFC chip. Included with Amiibo Powersaves is a Power Tag that can be loaded with an amiibo’s file; as a result, it can take the form of any character and is used to host online amiibo tournaments.

Powersaves Functions

Amiibo Powersaves can back up, restore, and edit an amiibo’s file (which is stored in .bin format). With this, a trainer can reset their Figure Player and then restore its old file in mere seconds. Powersaves also includes “cheats” for Super Smash Bros. 4; namely, it can write bonus effects, stat points, and custom moves to the character without having to unlock them in Super Smash Bros. 4 first. Because of this, many trainers were able to circumvent equipment farming and raise stronger amiibo faster. However, Amiibo Powersaves cannot change how an FP actually acts; instead, it only allows trainers to skip the otherwise-tedious process of farming for custom parts. Amiibo Powersaves have not been updated for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and may never be, but it can still back up and restore .bin files from Ultimate.

Power Tag Tournaments

The Power Tag that comes bundled with Amiibo Powersaves is a small and round disc-like trinket that has a chip inside. Any amiibo file can then be written to the Tag, which can then be scanned onto a Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo Switch as if it were a genuine figurine. The consoles cannot tell the difference between a genuine amiibo and a Power Tag file.

Knowing this, trainers use Amiibo Powersaves to save a backup of their amiibo and then send them to a tournament host. The host then loads these files to their Power Tag and places them into battle as if the figurines were actually there. This was first popularized by Amiibo Dan, who is commonly credited with enabling and advertising the presence of an online metagame.

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