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Qué Ota (full name ¿Qué Ota?) is Leaf’s Link amiibo. It is considered the strongest Link amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and one of the game’s most powerful amiibo overall. Its praise is derived from its tournament wins and from its lack of counterparts; no other Link amiibo have shown similar levels of consistent top-level play.


Qué Ota made its debut in Amiibo Action 2.5, where it would defeat one of its arch-rivals, Redbull, only to lose to Musket in grand finals. This level of success on its first tournament caught many trainer’s eyes, and many early rivalries and grudge matches were formed from this initial showing. While Qué Ota was not the first amiibo to run the infamous Armor Knight & Move Speed ↑ setup in the Spirits metagame, it was the first to carry it to the level of success it knows today. Without needing any gimmicks to get an edge, Qué Ota was able to use its decisive training and raw stat power to claim many championship titles throughout the early stages of Smash Ultimate. A full list of tournament wins is provided below; brackets are included where possible.

The origin of ¿Qué Ota? can be attributed to Brazilian eSports. It is a compressed slang sentence that roughly translates to “do you want another?”, meant to attribute a confident attitude to the character.

Tournament Wins: 7

Vanilla Surprise 1/1/19 (SSBU) – Vanilla Surprise 1/3/19 (SSBU) – Shine Sprite Amiibo Tourney (SSBU) – Eliot’s Spirit Tournament (SSBU) – Amiibrawl 28 (SSBU) – Amiibrawl 30 (SSBU) – Kangoni’s Vanilla Birthday Bash (SSBU)

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