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Raid Boss is a type of specialized Figure Player that is intended to take on human opponents. The term Raid Boss was first coined by a YouTuber named Choctopus, and since then it’s become a mainstream phrase that most amiibo trainers understand. Raid Boss FPs have also made appearances on the YouTube channels of many popular Smash Bros. players.

General Information

As a rule of thumb, Raid Boss FPs are always equipped with a Spirit team — the point is that they are inherently more powerful than a normal human player would be (in terms of damage output and such). Compared to competitive-trained FPs, Raid Bosses often place a higher focus on move speed bonuses. This makes them even more threatening against humans, who will often have trouble keeping up.

With the advent of FP support in Battle Arenas, Raid Bosses have become extremely popular as fun pastimes within friend groups. If you have a bunch of friends you want to play with but you don’t want to actually play the game against them, try using a fully-trained Raid Boss! This way you’ll be able to watch as your friends struggle to defeat your super-powered fighter.

Whereas competitive FPs need to walk at all times (and thus avoid running), Raid Bosses are free to walk, dash, or run however they please. Furthermore, where competitive FPs tend to focus on high-power moves (mainly smash attacks), Raid Boss ones prefer to focus on high-speed moves — which become much stronger when paired with a fitting Spirit team.

Exion has Raid Boss training guides available on every single character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! They’re part of our normal training guide format, and if you scroll down a little bit you’ll see the Raid Boss section. Each guide also includes Spirit suggestions specifically for Raid Bosses, so be sure to give them a look! Finally, we have also created a Raid Boss tier list that you can access right here.

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