amiibo Wiki: Raid Boss

Raid Boss is a type of powered-up Figure Player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The term “Raid Boss” was first coined by popular Smash YouTuber Choctopus, and refers to a strong Figure Player equipped with a specific Spirit setup. Raid Boss amiibo have also made appearances on ZeRo’s YouTube channel.

General Information

Unlike most competitive amiibo, Raid Bosses are specifically trained to take on human opponents. They are typically equipped with powerful Spirit effects; the goal is to give the FP a distinct advantage akin to a “raid boss”. A Raid Boss amiibo training guide has been made available on Exion Vault and can be viewed here.

Raid Boss Tier List

As Raid Bosses are designed to fight human opponents, their respective tier list is considerably different from the amiibo versus amiibo list. Given that tournament data cannot be collected on human versus amiibo matches, the list is based on AI capabilities, general character strength, vulnerability during recovery, and Spirit setup potential. It is current as of January 5, 2020.

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