Redbull is Blank’s Bowser amiibo. During its initial run it was the undisputed strongest amiibo in the format, and is to this day the highest-rated and most accomplished Bowser amiibo in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo metagame. It is partially responsible for the Super Armor and Slow Super Armor bans.


Redbull made its debut in Amiibo Action 2.5 where he placed in the top four; it lost to its future rival Qué Ota in the competition’s semifinals. Regardless, Redbull went on to win its next two tournaments, defeating Qué Ota in one of them. Redbull then claimed almost every championship title it vied for, losing exclusively to Musket, Flara, and the aforementioned Qué Ota. A full list of Redbull’s tournament wins is provided below. Brackets are included where possible.

Nickname Origin

The origin of Redbull’s nickname is unknown; its palette swap is red, leading many to believe that Redbull references the soda brand Red Bull.

Tournament Wins


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