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Sarah is Supernova’s Lucina amiibo. It is considered one of the best Lucina amiibo in Super Smash Bros. 4 and helped cement Lucina’s top-tier status in the late metagame. Sarah has also seen a fair amount of success in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is one of the few transferred amiibo to win more than one tournament.


Sarah’s first tournament win was in S.A.T. 1, where it easily defeated its competition. Relying mostly on its side special, Dancing Blade, it was able to rack up damage quickly before swiftly ending stocks with a forward smash or up smash. Sarah’s dominance in the late metagame ensured Lucina’s top-tier status; in fact, thanks in part to Sarah, Lucina was considered the best amiibo available. Sarah went on to win many more tournaments and is one of the most successful amiibo in Smash 4. A full list of these wins is provided below. Brackets are included where possible.

Sarah is based on and shares a name with one of Supernova’s original characters; however, the name origin of this character is not known.

Tournament Wins: 7

S.A.T. 1 (SSB4) – S.A.T. Mini 3 (SSB4) – S.A.T. 7 (SSB4) – Amiismal 2 (SSB4) – S.A.T. Mini 7 (SSB4) – Fulminix WLW Finals (SSB4) – S.A.T. Ultimate Edition 3 (SSBU)

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