amiibo Wiki: Stephanie

Stephanie is Cloud’s Mii Gunner amiibo. Alongside Flara, it is one of the most successful Mii Gunners in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Despite having few tournament wins, Stephanie has an exceedingly high win rate, making it statistically one of the strongest amiibo in the game.


Stephanie first appeared in DONkLE’s Testing Tournament, where it handily won all of its matches and defeated a King K. Rool amiibo in the grand finals. Stephanie’s playstyle was an exact copy of Flara’s: relentlessly spam Gunner Missile until one of them KOed the opponent. Stephanie later appeared in Kang’s Birthday Bash (a large tournament with over eighty entries) and claimed the championship title. In MegaVGmaster’s New 3 Tour, Stephanie reached grand finals but lost to Leaf PSI.

Stephanie was created as a “bootleg Flara”; as a result, its Mii is an edited version of Flara’s with slightly different hair and facial features. Stephanie’s name was later chosen by Blakers. The reason why this name was chosen is unknown.

Tournament Wins: 2

DONkLE’s Testing Tournament (SSBU) – Kang’s Birthday Bash Spirits (SSBU)

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