amiibo Wiki: Super Armor / Slow Super Armor

Super Armor and Slow Super Armor are Spirit effects introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hence their names, they provide their users with universal super armor that cannot be disrupted (barring high-knockback attacks at later percentages). Super Armor and Slow Super Armor are generally banned from online tournaments, and are considered part of the “big five” alongside Autoheal, Great Autoheal, and Armor Knight.

General Information

Super Armor and Slow Super Armor grant their user super armor that can only be interrupted by high-knockback attacks. This means that the user usually must sustain damage before their super armor can be disrupted. As a result, these effects work best with heavyweight fighters; when they are eventually launched through their super armor, they will be able to more easily recover thanks to their high endurance.

Slow Super Armor provides the same benefits as Super Armor, but with the added drawback of a 70% decrease in mobility. Slow Super Armor also takes up two slots, whereas Super Armor takes up all three. Super Armor does not incur a penalty of any kind, though, making it the superior option. It is particularly potent when paired with Bowser, who is often touted as the strongest Figure Player even without Super Armor.

Super Armor and Slow Super Armor were officially banned from online tournaments just two weeks after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s initial launch. Armor Knight, Autoheal, and Great Autoheal soon followed, hence the creation of the “big five” category of bonuses. Super Armor and Slow Super Armor will likely remain banned in most competitions, but can still be used in friendly matches or Battle Arenas labeled with the amiibo Battle tag.


Figure Players cannot inherit skills from Primary Spirits, but they can inherit them from Support Spirits. The only Support Spirit with the Super Armor skill is Gold Mario, which is only obtainable via summoning (using Metal Mario, Super Mushroom, and Fire Flower).

Slow Super Armor can be obtained via the Regigigas, Polar Bear, and Walhart Support Spirits. These can be acquired by purchasing them from the vault shop, battling them on the Spirit Board, or encountering them in World of Light.

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