amiibo Wiki: Super Armor / Slow Super Armor

Super Armor and Slow Super Armor are spirit effects in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hence their names, they give their user universal super armor that cannot be disrupted until very high percentages. The early Ultimate metagame was dominated by Super Armor and Slow Super Armor; as a result of their overcentralization and the advantage they gave to super-heavyweights, they were quickly banned.


Super Armor and Slow Super Armor did not have much of a history in the metagame; as mentioned before, they were banned within two weeks of Ultimate’s initial release date. Super Armor occupied three slots and granted its user impenetrable super armor at all times — even when not attacking. Slow Super Armor occupied two slots and granted the same strength of super armor at the cost of lowering its users’ speed; this could be offset with a Move Speed ↑ bonus.

Both of these Spirit effects gave disproportionately high advantages to super heavyweights (namely Bowser) by increasing their already-excellent survivability. Super Armor and Slow Super Armor were less optimal on lightweights; their low weight meant that Super Armor was often invalidated by strong attacks. The first several weeks of the Ultimate metagame was consisted almost entirely of heavyweights with Super Armor and Slow Super Armor; as a result, both bonuses were quickly removed in an unanimous agreement.

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