Ethan’s Commission Services

Thank you for considering my commission services! If you’re interested in a commission, I’d normally ask that you send me a direct message on Twitter saying so. Unfortunately, as of June 2023, this is no longer possible unless you have Twitter Blue, so I’ve set up this page instead! If you’d like to start the commission process with me, there are a few ways you can do that. Pick whichever option is easiest for you!

  • Leave a comment saying you’re interested in a commission on any of my tweets. I’ll follow you and then we can direct message each other on Twitter like normal!
  • Message me on any of my other social media accounts. I’m on Instagram, Tumblr, and Discord (@cloudnine987). Of these, Discord is definitely easiest for me!
  • Send an email to describing the piece you would like drawn. This option is by far and away the slowest one, though, so please keep that in mind!

How does the commission process work?

  1. Send me a message on a social media platform of your choice. Be sure to describe exactly what you want me to draw for you! References are certainly helpful, but aren’t required. They’re especially appreciated for original characters, though!
  2. I’ll send you a price estimate. Generally, full-body characters are around $25 and small characters and avatars are around $15. Additional characters and complicated backgrounds will cost a little extra, but I usually give a big discount for pieces that include multiple characters.
  3. Half of the price is due up front. The easiest way to pay is through my Ko-Fi (which also doubles as my art portfolio, if you’re looking for examples). As a bonus, commissioners also get access to early art pieces! If you’d rather not use Ko-Fi, I can do a PayPal invoice or CashApp ($ExionVault) instead.
  4. After a few days, I’ll get you a rough sketch of your art! From there, we can make up to three rounds of changes to the piece. The other half of the payment is due after you give me the OK to start final line work and coloring.
  5. Enjoy! After you receive your art, you can use it for whatever you like — an avatar, banner, for a YouTube channel, anything! As long as you don’t claim you made it or try to directly sell the art piece without my permission, we’re good.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask! As mentioned earlier, I do have a Ko-Fi gallery with art examples if you’re looking to see some more. I also have a Patreon with exclusive and early art content, if you’re interested! At any rate, thanks so much for considering my commission services!

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