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Thank you for considering my commission services! If you’re wondering how to use them, it’s easy — first, message me on Twitter or Discord describing the art you want to have drawn. I’ll respond with a final price as soon as I can, and assuming you agree to it, we have a deal! From there, I’ll draw a rough sketch of the piece and send it to you. At that point, we’ll make any little adjustments you want and then you have to pay the full amount before I start on the final line work and coloring. Please note that I will only send a partial rough sketch over for free if the requested work involves multiple characters. The other details – mainly pricing and how to pay – are all explained below!

Pricing (Full Character)

The commission price depends on what you want to have drawn (and all prices here are listed in USD)! A full character generally goes for about $25, though characters with complicated armor, weapons, outfits, or hair will cost between $5 and $10 extra depending on the complexity. Additional characters are $10 regardless of complexity (which means you can get two characters in the same image for $35!) and backgrounds with high detail are $5 extra. As a bonus, avatar-sized crops of full character commissions are provided for free upon request! For art examples, please visit my Ko-Fi via this link!

Pricing (Smaller-Scale)

Smaller-scale art, including chibi versions of characters, are much cheaper – starting at $15 depending on complexity. This price also counts for avatar-sized commissions, which only include a portion of the full character visible in-frame. It’s important to note that I won’t draw art that includes any of the following elements: complicated mechs, excessive gore, overly political or religious messages, or anything gross. Thanks for understanding, and please contact me on Twitter or Discord if you’re looking to clear up any confusion!

How to Pay

There are three ways to pay for a commission: Ko-Fi, PayPal, and CashApp. You can pick whichever is most convenient for you! If you decide to go with Ko-Fi, you’ll have to head to my account and “tip” the commission price we agreed on. With PayPal, you can give me your email address and I’ll send an invoice; with CashApp, all you have to do is send payment to the $ExionVault account. If you have any trouble, feel free to send me a message and I’ll have it resolved. Thank you!

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