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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Kirby amiibo Guide (Competitive)

Near the beginning of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s competitive amiibo metagame, Kirby was overlooked and underrated. It wasn’t until fairly recently that a clear “strongest Kirby amiibo” emerged, and this caused the character’s tier list placement to shoot up significantly. These days, Kirby is actually considered high-tier! If you’re a Kirby main, hearing the words “Kirby is high-tier” might be strange. But it’s true, and it’s amazing! If you want to learn more about Kirby’s strengths, you can read all about them on his wiki page. Otherwise, let’s continue!

Please note that this particular training guide targets the amiibo-versus-amiibo format. If you’d like to learn how to train a Raid Boss Kirby amiibo (amiibo-versus-human), feel free to check out our corresponding guide instead. Thanks to Clockwerk66 for contributing Kirby’s training information! Feel free to check out their own Discord server by following this link.

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