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The amiibo metagame may be shifting back in time

Competitive amiibo training in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been going (fairly) strong for almost four years now! When the game was first released, dedicated amiibo trainers were in a scramble to see what was different. After several years of struggling through amiibo training in Smash 4, players wanted to see something different. And for the longest time, they did: in the Ultimate metagame’s early days, trainers experimented with off-stage play, taunting, and combos — things the CPUs were finally capable of pulling off. But now, it’s 2022, and the metagame is winding down a bit. We’ve quickly realized an interesting tidbit. Over the years, as specific amiibo characters have been optimized and refined, something remarkable has happened: Ultimate’s metagame is beginning to look a lot like what Smash 4’s did toward the end of its lifespan.

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Why do Figure Players tend to freeze during Free-for-Alls?

The idea of a free-for-all frenzy involving multiple amiibo at once is a very exciting idea to those new to training. Unfortunately, as most experienced trainers will tell you, it often ends up in the same way: sooner or later some or all of the Figure Players present in the match will simply stop moving. They’ll end up just standing still completely vulnerable to incoming attacks, and for the longest time no one really knew why this would happen. With some new research, we may have found an answer!

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The Min Min amiibo figure is now available!

It’s April 29, which means the Super Smash Bros. series Min Min amiibo is now available for purchase! As with all other figurines released in Ultimate’s line-up, Min Min’s costs $15.99. You might have noticed that there haven’t really been any pre-orders for her; this is because stock is currently extremely limited. Do your best to grab one at MSRP before scalpers scoop them up!

We’ve got a fully complete and accurate training guide for Min Min that you can read right here. She’s only just been released, and she’s already ranked as one of the best characters in the game. Unfortunately, details regarding the Steve and Alex amiibo figures have not been made available yet — they’ve still been delayed. When an announcement is made, we’ll be sure to update you!

Join Exion’s official edited amiibo tour (limited slots)

Yesterday, the Exion Discord community announced the newest entry in its sophisticated and elite series of tournaments (which are referred to as F.A.R.T.). This time around, all edited Figure Players are both allowed and encouraged! A new amiibo editing tool was released just the other day, so it should be easier than ever to whip up a freshly-edited FP. You can join our aforementioned Discord server if you need any help learning how to edit.

In the meantime, here are the rules! Incineroar, Kazuya, and Captain Falcon are banned from this particular tournament, each trainer is allowed to use 1 FP, and they must be vanilla. Submissions are due by March 31, so be sure to enter — slots are capped at 32 trainers. You have to be a member of the server to join, so once you’re there, check out the tournaments channel for the submission look. Good luck to everyone entering!

New amiibo editing software is now available

For the first time ever, amiibo trainers worldwide now have access to a brand-new tool that can edit their behavior values! Up until now, nothing like this has been publicly available — similar tools were only open to elite groups of trainers. Now, anyone is welcome to use this new editing software by jozz and MiDe to test and adjust their Figure Players as needed! Of course, these won’t be legal in competitive tournaments — edited FP files are for testing purposes only, and tour hosts will be able to tell if the file was edited. You can find the download link right here. If you’d like to learn more about SAE (Smash amiibo editor for short), check out its readme file. You’ll find instructions on how to use the tool there. If you have any questions that aren’t answered there, you’re welcome to join our Discord community! Some tournaments held there actually do allow edited FP files, so you’re welcome to join one of those tours when they pop up.

This follows new research on personalities recently conducted by dataminers. It’s easier than ever to take your FP’s training file and see what kinds of values it has. Plus, now it’s easy to shift them around and test them yourself! We’ve come to have a much better understanding of amiibo AI over the past few months, and it would’ve never happened without our amazing community. If this new editor interests you, here are a few helpful resources: our personality list, our character guides, and our tournaments guide (which will help you obtain your FP’s training file).

Though you can’t whip up tournament-legal FPs using this tool, you can create easy Raid Bosses. In just a few minutes, too! For the most part, there’s no regulation on edited Raid Bosses since using them isn’t a direct competition. Feel free to check out our Raid Boss guides for the best movesets for each character. Have fun editing!