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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate datamine reveals new amiibo mechanics

Copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have surfaced in Mexico, and this has led to a full datamine of its files. Sure, we know more about the game’s customization options, World of Light, and online modes, but what we found out about amiibo training was absolutely astonishing. As it turns out, the Super Smash Bros. developers took everything we know about amiibo training and threw it directly into the garbage can.

Please note; this post contains spoilers on previously unrevealed amiibo functionality. We aren’t going to discuss World of Light at all, so if you’re trying to avoid spoilers for it, you’re safe.

P.S. – Our Discord server is rife with discussion on the new amiibo mechanics. If you have any questions regarding this information or amiibo training in general, feel free to join!

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amiibo Training Myths: The “Braindead” Stage

It’s time to revisit an age-old question. One that, three years later, is still submitted to our contact form on a daily basis: was the “Braindead stage” an effective amiibo training method? The short answer is no, but the long answer is why we’re here today: we are going to break down the “Braindead stage”, clickbait, and how misinformation nearly killed the amiibo training community.

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