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amiibo Predictions: Hero

I’ve had enough “Leaf is the hero” jokes to last me a lifetime, and yet I’m still looking forward to the Hero amiibo making his debut in the metagame. The Hero is a highly controversial character due to his many RNG-factors, and I have no doubt those factors will carry over into amiibo, and possibly be even more potent. I’m excited to write this one, so I’ll skip the formalities and get right into it.

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A first look at the Hero amiibo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod has recently surfaced that tricks the game into thinking a Link amiibo is actually a Hero amiibo! After managing to get the mod working, Supernova streamed Hero amiibo training on YouTube for the first time ever. Now, Hero’s amiibo is likely more than six months away, but we were able to study the character’s basic movements and come to a few conclusions!

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