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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Hero amiibo Guide

Compared to other Figure Player characters available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hero hasn’t been around for all that long. But despite that, he’s racked up an impressive list of tournament results and a ton of representation. Hero is one of the most versatile FPs in the game – seriously, he can KO his enemies in so many different ways – and thus is one of the most successful Ultimate newcomers in competitive amiibo training. If you’d like to read more about Hero’s strengths and weaknesses before you continue, you can do so at his wiki page. Otherwise, let’s jump right into today’s training!

Special thanks to Luckman for contributing Hero’s training information!

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The Joker and Hero amiibo files have been accessed early

Last night, we made a major breakthrough — and long story short, the Exion team has crafted working files of the Joker and Hero amiibo that can be used on any Nintendo Switch console! Compatibility for Joker and Hero was added in Version 8.1.0, but their figurines don’t release until October 2nd. That means we’ve got access to Joker and Hero two months early, and it also means we’ll have credible, tested guides available for each character before they even release. You’ll be able to read best practices for training both Joker and Hero on the day they come out!

This follows a similar occurrence in 2019, in which Pichu was spoofed and access almost three months before release. We do have preliminary Joker and Hero training guides available, and plan on updating them once more before release. When we do, they’ll be brought to the front of the main page, so don’t worry about missing them! In the meantime, I would like to thank Supernova for greatly assisting in spoofing these characters and helping us access and analyze them months in advance. Feel free to check out his YouTube channel for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mods and amiibo training content. For more information on Joker and Hero, check out the Exion Discord server.

A first look at the Hero amiibo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod has recently surfaced that tricks the game into thinking a Link amiibo is actually a Hero amiibo! After managing to get the mod working, Supernova streamed Hero amiibo training on YouTube for the first time ever. Now, Hero’s amiibo is likely more than six months away, but we were able to study the character’s basic movements and come to a few conclusions!

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