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amiibo Tier List Update: March 21, 2021

It’s been a few months since we’ve updated the official Exion amiibo tier list, but it’s time to change that. Today we’ve got a fresh new list with a few interesting changes. We aren’t quite ready to rank Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, or Byleth – they’ll come later – but we do have one particularly eye-catching change: Bowser is no longer S-rank. How could this be?!

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amiibo Patch Report: Ver. 11.0.0

Tonight’s update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added the new fighters Pyra and Mythra to the game’s impressive lineup of characters. But hey, this is an amiibo training site, so who cares about new characters that don’t have FPs yet?! We’re interested in specific fighter changes that might shake up our tier list. The last update, version 10.0.0, didn’t feature many fighter adjustments, so we decided not to write a post about it. But 11.0.0 has changed a few characters in particular, and we’re going to cover all of them! Before we continue, you can view the full changelog here.

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What does “hard-coded” mean, anyway?

If you’ve read much of our amiibo content on-site, you’ve probably heard the word “hard-coded” a lot. It’s a really important word to know, too. The short definition of hard-coded is “a behavior you can’t change”. We’ll go into a bit more detail in just a moment, but for now, know that if we say a behavior is hard-coded, it means that you can’t fix it with any amount of training. There are hard-coded behaviors in both Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but for this post, we’re going to be talking about the relevant game (Ultimate, though some might argue otherwise).

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Sephiroth Challenge Guide

In the recent “Mr. Sakurai Presents” video update, the newest DLC fighter Sephiroth was confirmed to be releasing worldwide on December 22. Interestingly, though, players are actually able to obtain the character several days early by completing the limited-time only “Sephiroth Challenge”. You can access the Sephiroth Challenge from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s title screen until December 22. For today’s (rather short) post, we’re going to talk about some easy ways to beat the Sephiroth Challenge on the hardest difficulty!

Of course, if you’re reading this post on or after December 22, 2020, this won’t be of much use to you because the challenge will no longer be available! But we’ll keep this post up to preserve history or something like that.

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8 things you should know before training an amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We’re going to keep today’s post short, simple, and to the point. Training amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a surprisingly deep endeavor, and there’s a lot of technical jargon to learn about and read up on. Be sure to consult our character guides and the amiibo Wiki for more information. Now then, if you’ve never trained an amiibo before (or have never trained one “seriously” — whatever that might mean), here’s eight things you should know before you get started.

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