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All announcements from the February 2022 Nintendo Direct

The brand-new February 2022 Nintendo Direct has concluded, and with it came a treasure trove of exciting Nintendo Switch announcements! Please be warned — this is a recap post, so if you click into it, you’re going to be spoiled. If you’d rather watch the full video presentation yourself, you can do so right here. It’s definitely more exciting that way! If you’d rather read the run-down instead, we’ve got a numerical list of announcements written up for you below. Let’s get right into them!

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The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” Announcements – October 5, 2021

Today was the date of the last-ever “Mr. Sakurai Presents”, and in it, the last-ever DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed. This isn’t going to be a long post at all, but we also won’t be directly spoiling the nature of the reveals — so to those of you browsing the home page, don’t worry! Only click this article if you’re okay with being spoiled. The full video presentation can be found here if you’d like to watch it on your own time.

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Nintendo Direct Announcements – September 23, 2021

Today’s Nintendo Direct went out with a bang! The presentation made several highly-anticipated announcements that will be sure to give us a ton of content to look forward to in the future. Some of my personal favorite announcements are as follows (don’t look if you’re avoiding spoilers!):

  • Monster Hunter Rise DLC announcement for 2022
  • Super Smash Bros. fighter reveal via Sakurai Presents on October 5
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC releasing on October 29
  • An incredible-looking 3D Kirby game called Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • An Animal Crossing: New Horizons update including The Roost, and a Nintendo Direct slated for October
    • Furthermore, a new series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards was announced, but there has been no word on the characters that will be featured
  • A new Nintendo Switch Online membership plan including Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games
    • Nintendo 64 launch titles: Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Yoshi’s Story, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, WinBack, Sin and Punishment, Mario Tennis, and Dr. Mario 64.
    • Future Nintendo 64 titles: Paper Mario, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Pokémon Snap, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Mario Golf, F-Zero X, and Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Deltarune Chapter 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch for free
  • Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3 are both releasing in 2022

Needless to say, there were a lot of great announcements today! We’ll certainly be covering the Mr. Sakurai Presents show in a few weeks, and we may even throw in an amiibo predictions article while we’re at it. In the meantime, we’ve got a few loose ends to tie up — in other words, there are only a few amiibo training guides left to update and then our entire collection is fully accurate! That’s so exciting! Regardless, I hope you found something to get excited about today. If you missed the presentation, you can watch the whole thing right here. Until next time!