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Every amiibo adjustment in the Ver 13.0.1 patch

The final balance patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has dropped! As we reported last night, files for the Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya Figure Players were added to the game along with it. Perhaps more importantly, though (depending on who you ask), several changes were made to certain fighters that may affect their position on the official amiibo tier list. If you’d like to read the full patch notes yourself, you can find them right here. Let’s get right into it, then!

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Version 1.1.2 of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is now available

Last night, version 1.1.2 of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was made available (alongside an update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which we briefly discuss in another post). This patch is 100% bug fixes! The menu storage and Pokémon cloning glitches no longer function; furthermore, you can no longer get softlocked in Veilstone City or the Snowpoint Gym. Unfortunately, it appears that the Shiny Charm – which currently doesn’t function outside of Eggs despite its in-game description suggesting otherwise – has not yet been fixed. Here’s hoping a future patch corrects that issue! The GWS (where the GTS used to be in the originals) is still non-functional, meaning there is still at least one patch yet to come.

Every amiibo adjustment in the Ver 12.0.0 patch

Yesterday night, the brand-new fighter Kazuya Mishima was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We think his amiibo figure is going to break the metagame — thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that for quite some time. What we are looking at right now, however, is the balance changes that came with last night’s patch. Quite a few fighters have been greatly buffed, and in today’s post, we’re going to go over each change and how it affects the corresponding Figure Player. Let’s get started!

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