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How to 100% complete Pikmin 1

Pikmin recently received a brand-new Nintendo Switch port — though its title was retroactively changed to Pikmin 1. If you’ve recently wrapped up a full 100% playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then Pikmin 1 is the perfect game for you to play next! Its completion requirements are fairly straightforward, and full 100% completion shouldn’t take you any more than ten hours or so. Please note that this guide applies to all three versions of the game!

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How to train an Olimar amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There’s something rather strange about Olimar in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you’ve taken a look at our tier list lately, you might’ve noticed Olimar’s rock-solid position in its higher rankings. Yet despite that, he’s considered underrepresented and isn’t often seen in competitive tournaments. Perhaps it’s because Olimar is a somewhat plain fighter. Or maybe players have forgotten how to train him? Whichever the case, we’re here today to help fix that! If you want to learn more about Olimar’s metagame history, you can read up over at his corresponding wiki page. Otherwise, let’s jump right into today’s training!

Special thanks to Gotelin for contributing Olimar’s training information!

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