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New amiibo editing software is now available

For the first time ever, amiibo trainers worldwide now have access to a brand-new tool that can edit their behavior values! Up until now, nothing like this has been publicly available — similar tools were only open to elite groups of trainers. Now, anyone is welcome to use this new editing software by jozz and MiDe to test and adjust their Figure Players as needed! Of course, these won’t be legal in competitive tournaments — edited FP files are for testing purposes only, and tour hosts will be able to tell if the file was edited. You can find the download link right here. If you’d like to learn more about SAE (Smash amiibo editor for short), check out its readme file. You’ll find instructions on how to use the tool there. If you have any questions that aren’t answered there, you’re welcome to join our Discord community! Some tournaments held there actually do allow edited FP files, so you’re welcome to join one of those tours when they pop up.

This follows new research on personalities recently conducted by dataminers. It’s easier than ever to take your FP’s training file and see what kinds of values it has. Plus, now it’s easy to shift them around and test them yourself! We’ve come to have a much better understanding of amiibo AI over the past few months, and it would’ve never happened without our amazing community. If this new editor interests you, here are a few helpful resources: our personality list, our character guides, and our tournaments guide (which will help you obtain your FP’s training file).

Though you can’t whip up tournament-legal FPs using this tool, you can create easy Raid Bosses. In just a few minutes, too! For the most part, there’s no regulation on edited Raid Bosses since using them isn’t a direct competition. Feel free to check out our Raid Boss guides for the best movesets for each character. Have fun editing!

Full information on every amiibo personality now available

Thanks to recent datamines from members of the community, we’ve finally figured out the specific qualifications and behaviors of every amiibo personality in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! For the longest time, competitive trainers had no idea how the game calculated or labeled personalities. As per our recent update, we have an answer! Every behavior an FP can have is assigned a point value that contributes to a certain personality.

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More information on amiibo personality calculation has surfaced

There have been many strides made in understanding amiibo personalities over the past few months. Thanks to MiDe, we finally determined what each byte in Figure Player code controls — you can find a list of those here. Yesterday, we figured out how personalities are calculated! We’ve updated our personality guide with the new information, but the general gist is that they’re determined via a point system. There are eight categories of three personalities each, and (for example) if your FP is extremely defensive it will fall into the defensive category. From there it will be either Cautious, Realistic, or Unflappable based on the intensity of its defensiveness, so to speak.

This information was discovered by Ske, so huge thanks to them! None of this information would be public knowledge without Ske or MiDe, so we greatly appreciate the time they spent researching this information. We’ll be updating our personality wiki entry soon, too, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, we’ve been hosting lots of events on our Discord server, so feel free to come join them if you’re interested!

How to download and use amiibo bin files, explained

If you’re an amiibo collector, one thing’s for sure: amiibo are expensive, and downloading amiibo bin files is a great way to circumvent the hefty price tags of Nintendo’s highly-valuable line of figurines. Depending on the character you want, its corresponding amiibo could cost a hundred dollars or more! Though we can’t directly give out bin files, we can better help you if you join our Discord community. We host events and such too there – including Animal Crossing visits, Smash arenas, and the like – so feel free to drop by! In the meantime, we’ll take the rest of this post to explain what bin files are, how they work, and how you can use them to emulate any amiibo figure.

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How to use Amiibots for Smash Ultimate amiibo matchmaking

Testing out a newly-trained Figure Player is a challenge. Sure, Battle Arenas now allow you to use your amiibo figures — but for reasons unknown, they’re thought to behave strangely when uploaded to Nintendo’s servers. Perhaps you could host your own tournament to test your FPs, but this often requires much more effort and time than you’d want to dedicate just for testing. This dilemma has burdened trainers since the early days of Super Smash Bros. 4 — and back then, we never found a solution. Thankfully, the advent of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has attracted new and talented individuals to our scene: long story short, we now have access to a fully automated 24/7 amiibo testing ground called Amiibots, and anybody in the community can start using it today for free!

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