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Join Exion’s official edited amiibo tour (limited slots)

Yesterday, the Exion Discord community announced the newest entry in its sophisticated and elite series of tournaments (which are referred to as F.A.R.T.). This time around, all edited Figure Players are both allowed and encouraged! A new amiibo editing tool was released just the other day, so it should be easier than ever to whip up a freshly-edited FP. You can join our aforementioned Discord server if you need any help learning how to edit.

In the meantime, here are the rules! Incineroar, Kazuya, and Captain Falcon are banned from this particular tournament, each trainer is allowed to use 1 FP, and they must be vanilla. Submissions are due by March 31, so be sure to enter — slots are capped at 32 trainers. You have to be a member of the server to join, so once you’re there, check out the tournaments channel for the submission look. Good luck to everyone entering!

New tier-restricted, progression-based amiibo tournaments

For the past year, the team at Spirit Amiibo  Matchups (a Discord community dedicated to all things Spirited amiibo) have been doing large super-majors in order to help build the official Spirited amiibo tier list. Now that that’s come to fruition, it’s time to set our sights on something bigger!

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Exion’s next official tournament starts on October 15th!

It’s been a while since Exion has hosted an official server-wide tournament, but it’s finally time! This new tour series is called The AMIIBO GOD Tournament, and every month or so we’re going to try to publish an interesting tournament for Exion readers to enter. There’s a prize inside, so if you want to read all of the rules and start competing, feel free to continue! Otherwise, you can skip ahead to the submission link right here.

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Pro Amiibo League is back!

That’s right, Season 4 of the Professional Amiibo League is returning! This season we will be changing things up a little bit by increasing the number of participants, providing multiple chances to qualify, increasing the prize pool, and upping the quality of the winner’s trophy by giving away the hand-painted, golden trophmiibo you see in the banner image!

Want to know how you can get in on this? Well, keep reading my friends because this is the most fun you’ll ever have in a tournament (probably).

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