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Cloud’s Forum Adventures: A Star is Born is the second Cloud’s Forum Adventures music album. It was released in early 2018 and was composed entirely by Cloud. It contained 165 tracks and, similarly to the first album, was lost forever when it was removed from iTunes for copyright infringement. A Star is Born is believed to be lost forever.


After the success of the first Cloud’s Forum Adventures album, Cloud decided to try his hand at composing music once again, this time without help from Firespike. A Star is Born’s 165 tracks took over a year to develop and are split into two separate discs. Cloud tried to sell A Star is Born on Amazon but never received a reply back. Tragically, all 165 tracks were lost in a hard drive failure along with being removed from iTunes for copyright infringement. The songs no longer exist anywhere on the internet.

Disc 1 (Season 5)

  1. Observatory Day (Theme of Cloud’s Observatory)
  2. C-R-O-W-N-E-D / A Miracle Nightmare
  3. Not So Fast, Cloud
  4. She Dares to Defy
  5. She Is Instantly Vaporized
  6. She Isn’t Actually Dead, Lol
  7. Something is Amiss
  8. It’s Not That… Well Actually, It is
  9. The Cat Cruiser’s Debut
  10. Switch Is Only Useful In a Mech Suit
  11. A Visitor from Afar
  12. Cloud is On-Screen
  13. 猫の巡洋艦の翻訳
  14. An Ominous Storm
  15. The Pink Diamond’s Shield
  16. A Long Time Coming
  17. It’s About Time
  18. I’ve Always Wanted to Beat Up Cloud
  19. Gem Glow (Spectra Mega Evolves)
  20. Would You Just SHUT UP?
  21. An Eye-Opening Thrusting
  22. Cloud Makes Eye Contact
  23. Long Story / Well, Not Really
  24. Full Disclosure
  25. What Did You Want to Tell Me?
  26. Dude, Where the Hell is Luna
  27. A Cake in Space
  28. Dammit, She Was About to Confess
  29. The Ball Achieves Liftoff
  30. G-GAH! Get Off of Me
  31. Megar’s Brain Freeze
  32. The Protagonists Were Stupid
  33. Megar’s Ice Miracle
  34. The Birth of Shiver Star
  35. By Sheer Strength of Will
  36. The Crown Has a Castle
  37. Spectra Stays Behind
  38. Rounds of the Galaxy
  39. Kaiby & Kasby & Keeby / The Song of Insignificant Characters (Medley)
  40. Connection Lost :(
  41. My Man Nook
  42. Kick Some Crown
  43. That Big Storm Cloud Down There
  44. We Can’t Even Shoot It
  46. I Don’t Have All Day
  47. The Room’s Just Empty
  48. Pink Spectra
  49. FUSION
  50. This is the End

Disc 2 (Season 6A)

  1. Get Ready for a Wild Ride
  2. Hey, Cloud! WHEN
  3. Someone Sent a Letter
  4. Spilling the Beans (Emotion Theme)
  5. I’m Off to Bed
  6. Welcome to Imagina
  7. Wake Up. Wake Up. Wake Up.
  8. The Voice Inside Your Head
  9. It Sounds Farfetched and Cliché
  10. That Weird Floaty Thing in the Sky
  11. Spaceballs
  12. A Kirby with a Battle Scar
  13. Is That Andro in the Background?
  14. Traumatic Lava
  15. Bwehehehe!
  16. Nightmare Fuel
  17. Yo, Is That the Miracle Crown?!
  18. This Evil’s Called the Nightmare Legion
  19. Keyword Being “Friends”
  20. Keyword Being “Friends” (Rejection Ver.)
  21. Cloud Plays Call of Duty
  22. An Anime Fan on Prom Night
  23. Latin is No Longer a Dead Language
  24. Somnium Virtutes
  25. Cloud’s Dreamy Sac
  26. The Reversed Fist
  27. Swimming in Brain Juice
  28. Its Name is Lindol
  29. Dreamballs
  30. Split in Half by Stone
  31. Don’t Get Too Confident
  32. The Remaining Ones are Brutal
  33. Dive Back In
  34. Beanluv Upgrades to Executor
  35. He Just Shot That Spaceball
  36. Forget Master
  37. Smiles & Tears (& A Wave of Visions)
  38. It’s Eerily Quiet in Here
  39. Memories of Zerospace
  40. Don’t Let Them Get to You
  41. I’m You From a Different Timeline
  42. The Previous Timeline Was a Hot Mess
  43. SHOOM!
  44. The Crown Was Too Much
  45. That’s Our Next Target
  46. There’s Dark Poop Everywhere
  47. (It’s Actually Nightmare Fuel)
  48. Remnant of a Previous Lover
  49. Loss
  50. Ball and Chain Torture
  51. Cloud’s Incredible Sucking Powers (Dreamy Reprise Ver.)
  52. Her Heart Will Go On
  53. Let Me Explain Everything
  54. Why Do The First Letters of the Nightmares’ Names Spell LOVE
  55. Super Ability
  56. I Defeated the Master of Evil Itself
  57. My Eyes Are Red
  58. You Think I’m Beat, You Think I’m Down?
  59. It Was a Rusty Old Sword
  60. Hahaha, Scared?
  61. C-R-O-W-N-E-D / A Miracle Nightmare (Dreamy Reprise Ver.)
  62. I Ain’t a Flawed Copy
  63. Your Mind is Your Biggest Asset
  64. How Did He Get Bloody From a Laser
  65. S…s….Say Hello to…Hypernova!
  66. Dude, He Just Got Sucked
  67. Dude, He Just Got Hammered
  68. Dude, He’s Actually Dead
  69. Never Mind
  70. Luna Comes in Clutch
  71. Out With the Old, In With the New
  72. Moons & Dreams (Celestial Scepter Ver.)
  73. Lock the Thread Tonight (Cloud’s Forum Adventures Ver.)
  74. Friends Long Gone
  75. We Can Get Them Back
  76. Yeah. Pepperoni? Kay, I’ll Call It In.
  77. Those Naughty Double-Crossers
  78. Cloud’s Forum Adventures Overture
  79. It Looks Like I May Be Too Late
  80. The Celestial Star-Crossed Lovers
  81. Cloud Has Been Watching You Sleep For 30 Minutes
  82. Seven Vile Nightmares
  83. We’re In This Together
  84. Mewtwo’s Pizzas
  85. Yo, Is That Spectra?
  86. That Guy’s Not Wearing a Scarf
  87. Back to Work
  88. The Tremendous Twelve’s Tremendous Tussle
  89. Heartbreak / Looks Like We’re Not Having Breakfast
  90. Unmistakable Crown-Shaped Ships
  91. Do Me a Favor and Don’t Make Puns
  92. The Unforgettable Scent of Drama
  93. Capture Every Snob You See
  94. How Does He Know He’s Getting a Call If He Can’t See His Eye
  95. I Left the Pizza Box There
  96. Get It Or You’re Fired
  97. ‘Kay.
  98. Cloud Looks at a Ball and Becomes Sad
  99. Knux Actually Joined
  100. Cloud and Switch Have Been Captured
  101. Megar’s Celestial Balls
  102. The Strip Club
  103. Pictures of Sonic OCs Are Great Decorations
  104. The PIN is Doibs
  105. He Just Went Full Sicko Mode
  106. WHAT THE HELL?!
  107. Why Is There Blood in My CFA
  108. Megar Tucks His Balls In
  109. That Building in the Distance
  110. Sweet and Sour Chicken Sucks
  111. The Food Launcher
  112. Kirby’s Adventure Sprites
  113. SCREW THIS! (Theme of Beanluv) (8-bit Ver.)
  114. Back at Privana Village
  115. Beanluv at 4AM

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