Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Animated Episodes

Over the course of its several-year run, Cloud’s Forum Adventures had several animated episodes which were written, animated, and uploaded by Cloud. As he animated these episodes by himself, they are generally quite short and were intended to be a glimpse of what the series would have been like as an animated short.

The Start of an Adventure (2014)

Originally published in early 2014, “The Start of an Adventure” was the first episode of a now-defunct reboot series. It is twenty-three seconds long and was Cloud’s first venture into simple animation. It features Cloud going to sleep and being kicked out of Cloud’s Observatory by Dark Matter. It also includes a voice clip of Kirby from Super Smash Bros. Melee. It was reuploaded in March 2019 and can be viewed here.

A Spectral Situation (2016)

Originally published in early 2016, “A Spectral Situation” was the second and final animated episode. It was intended to go along with Season 6B and was an animated version of an episode of the same name. It was twenty-seven seconds long and featured Cloud coming home to the Observatory. The full episode (which is unfinished) can be viewed here.

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