Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Beanluv

Beanluv (later known as Executor) is a major antagonist in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He made his debut in “The Mysterious Disappearance” as a protagonist, and appears as a white-colored character with spiky gray hair. In Season 6A, this design was updated to include a metal mask and a red eye.


At first, Beanluv is a fairly nondescript character, but is shown to care about his friends; in Season 1, he searched Oblivia when Cloud went missing. By Season 4, he developed a grudge against Cloud and the Observatory for reasons unknown and became bent on destroying them at all costs. The reasoning behind Beanluv’s sudden shift in personality is unknown.

In Season 6A, Beanluv’s (now known as Executor) personality was made more clear. He is depicted as a maniacal, child-minded “leader” obsessed with exacting his revenge on Cloud and Megar.


Beanluv first appeared in “The Mysterious Disappearance”, where he took it upon himself to search for Cloud after he had disappeared from the Observatory. His search brought him face to face with Dark Cloud, who trapped Beanluv inside of the parallel dimension Oblivia. With the help of Cloud and Dark Switch, Beanluv was able to return to his home world.

In Season 2, Beanluv assisted the protagonists in their quest to revive Cloud. He had one line of dialogue in “Return to Oblivia” and remained silent for the rest of the season.

In Season 3, Beanluv appeared as a surprise opponent. However, he was quickly defeated by Cloud, and it was soon revealed that Beanluv was under the control of Dark Matter.

Beanluv does not appear again until Season 4, where it was revealed that he was the mastermind behind the protagonists’ kidnapping. Even after transforming into Soul of Beanluv, he is defeated by Cloud and Megar’s combined efforts.

Beanluv plays the role of primary antagonist in Season 6A. He had become obsessed with his defeat at the hands of Cloud and Megar, and resolved to exact revenge on the Observatory and its people. He was often shown using a mech suit that resembled an ant or spider.

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