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Beanluv (known as Executor from Season 6A onward) is a major antagonist in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He made his debut in Season 1’s “The Mysterious Disappearance” as a minor protagonist and appears as a white-colored character with spiky gray hair. In Season 6A, this design is updated to include a robotic mask and red eye.


Beanluv first appears in Season 1’s “The Mysterious Disappearance”, where he begins searching for Cloud after his disappearance from the Observatory. Beanluv’s search brings him face to face with Dark Cloud, who traps him in the parallel dimension Oblivia. With the help of Cloud and Dark Switch, Beanluv is able to return to his home world unharmed.

In Season 2, Beanluv assists the protagonists in their quest to revive Cloud (who had been killed by Dark Cloud in the Season 1 finale). He has one line of dialogue in “Return to Oblivia” and remains silent for the rest of the season.

Beanluv appears as a surprise antagonist in Season 3. However, he is quickly defeated by Cloud (who had just received his Dream World powers for the first time), and it is soon revealed that he had been brainwashed by Luna.

In Season 4, Beanluv is revealed to be the mastermind behind the protagonists’ kidnappings. Despite his best efforts – and even after transforming into his ultimate form, Soul of Beanluv – he is defeated by Cloud and Megar’s impeccable teamwork.

Beanluv (who has now taken on the name Executor) does not appear again until Season 6A. He has become obsessed with his defeat at the hands of Cloud and Megar, and has resolved to exact his revenge on the Observatory and its people. He is often shown using a mech suit that resembles an ant.

Executor was intended to return as an antagonist in Season 6B, but the series was cancelled before he could make an appearance. He was intended to command the Nightmare Legion alongside Crimson, a scrapped character replacing Season 6A’s Absol.


From Season 1 to Season 3, Beanluv is shown to be a perceptive and caring ally. In “The Mysterious Disappearance”, he notices Cloud’s absence and recruits Switch to help look for him. Beanluv is shown to have a strong resolve, as he searches Oblivia for Cloud and eventually teams up with Switch to gather pieces of the Soul Shard to help revive the Observatory’s lost leader.

In Season 3, Beanluv is possessed by Luna; though he is soon freed from possession, it is implied that being brainwashed corrupted Beanluv’s mind and changed his thought process. Towards the end of Season 4, Beanluv is revealed to have a long-held grudge against Cloud, and has obtained a powerful relic called the Miracle Crown. From this point on, Beanluv reveals his true nature — a resentful and backstabbing individual similar to the user he is based on.

Beanluv appears again in Season 6A, having changed his name to Executor. He retains his hateful personality, and his grudge against Cloud (and now Megar, who was involved in his defeat in Season 4) burns brighter than ever before. As commander of the Nightmare Legion, Executor is shown to be a ruthless leader even to his own subordinates. He is obsessed with exacting his revenge on Cloud and Megar and goes as far as invading and overtaking Cloud’s Observatory out of spite.


Despite his young age, Beanluv is shown to be a nimble navigator. When Cloud goes missing, Beanluv tracks him down to the Valtteri Island and discovers the Interdimensional Fissure that leads to Oblivia. After wandering around Oblivia to no avail, Beanluv notices Cloud and Dark Switch riding Dark Cloud’s Observatory back to their home world; this implies he has excellent vision. In Season 2’s “Undersea Adventure”, Beanluv is shown to be a strong swimmer, seemingly able to dive to the deepest depths of planet Aquachord’s ocean.

Season 3 marks Beanluv’s first appearance as an antagonist, where he is possessed and granted Dream World powers by Luna. Despite this notable power-up, Beanluv was defeated nearly instantly by Cloud’s Dream Fire attack. In Season 4’s “The Final Stringy Battle”, Beanluv is revealed to be the mastermind behind the creation of Stringer (and, by extension, Patch Land).

With the help of his newly acquired Miracle Crown, Beanluv shows his true abilities in Season 4’s “Clash of the Hypernovas”. He is shown to have a seemingly infinite supply of Miracle Fruit, and is seen to be proficient in Hypernova usage. Furthermore, Beanluv is able to survive being submerged in lava, and even transforms into his most powerful form – known as Soul of Beanluv – to engage Cloud and Megar in battle. Soul of Beanluv is shown to have regenerative powers, but is defeated so quickly that his other abilities were never revealed.

In Season 6A, Beanluv (now known as Executor) is the commander of the Nightmare Legion, an army of monsters shrouded in darkness. Given the fact that he was able to create a large ant mech, Executor has gained knowledge in machinery and electronics, and is even shown hacking into and invading the Observatory’s security system. With the help of an assembly line in his new base, Executor can brainwash innocent civilians and turn them into drones that follow his orders without question.

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