Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Celestial Scepter

The Celestial Scepter is a legendary weapon that appears in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. It was intended to be Cloud’s signature weapon.


In Season 6A, Cloud was warped to Imagina to defeat four nightmares. Each nightmare awarded him with a piece of the Celestial Scepter. In “Morning Realization”, Cloud was able to exit Imagina and retrieve the Scepter in the real world. He then teamed up with Switch, who had obtained the Celestial Stars (an equivalent weapon in a different form), to defeat the Nightmare Legion.

The Celestial Scepter was intended to return in Season 6B. However, the saga was cancelled after nine episodes, and so it did not appear. It later appeared in Season 7.


  • The Celestial Scepter’s original owner was an unused character named Skye (pictured above), who was going to help Cloud discover its powers and use it to overpower the Nightmare Legion. Skye later made her debut in Season 7.
  • The Celestial Scepter has been dubbed the “moon spoon” by fans of the series, who note its resemblance to a purple spoon holding a moon-shaped object.

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