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Cloud is a primary protagonist in Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He made his debut in “A Shady Situation” where he found himself on a foreign island after being thrown out of his own home. Since Season 1, he has appeared as a white-colored character with a cloud hat.


Cloud is the founder of Cloud’s Observatory, a celestial institution responsible for protecting the heavens from harm. He is shown to care highly for the Observatory and its members and tries to act like a leader to them. In battle, Cloud utilizes the Ultra Sword and can power up using the Miracle Fruit.


Cloud first appeared in “A Shady Situation”, having found himself on the Valtteri Island and thrown out of the Observatory. While trying to return home, he found himself absorbed into the parallel dimension Oblivia. There, he met Dark Switch, who helped him return to his home world. Once home, Cloud met his dark counterpart, and the two engaged in battle. Dark Cloud was eventually defeated by Megar; because Dark Cloud was Cloud’s dark counterpart, if one died, the other did as well. As a result, Cloud is considered dead at the end of Season 1.

In Season 2, Cloud was revived by the Soul Shard. He entered the Lander and used powered-up missiles to defeat Zerospace, the fused form of Dark Cloud and Dark Switch. Upon its defeat, Zerospace exploded into a black hole, which was later plugged up by the Soul Star.

Immediately afterward, Luna revealed himself as the ultimate mastermind. Before Luna could attack Cloud, however, Andro teleported him away. Cloud recruited Andro, Raster, and Bomber57 to travel back in time and enter Zerospace’s black hole in order to chase Luna to his own dimension. Once there, Cloud defeated Luna and was then ambushed by Spectra. After several long, grueling battles, Cloud was able to not only defeat Spectra, but Dark Matter and Zero as well – who were controlling her mind all along.

In Season 4, Cloud was captured by Stringer and warped to Patch Land. With the help of his friends, he defeated the yarn magician and returned to the Observatory. There, Beanluv betrayed and attacked him with the power of the Miracle Crown. Nevertheless, Cloud and Megar were able to defeat him and save the day once again.

In Season 5, Cloud was possessed by the Miracle Crown. In this form, he was referred to as Miracloud. Despite his newfound power, he was defeated by Megar and Spectra’s combined strength. Cloud, free of the crown’s influence, later chased it to its castle.

Season 6A is a soft reboot of the series; as a result, everybody’s memories of previous events were wiped, including Cloud’s. In “Welcome to Your Mind”, Cloud was warped to Imagina, a pocket of his mind. There, he was tasked with defeating four nightmares – Lindol, Odium, Verlust, and Essence – to obtain the legendary Celestial Scepter. Upon his awakening, Cloud met Switch, who had the same dream and obtained the Celestial Stars. The two then set out to defeat the Nightmare Legion, a dark army led by Absol and a resurrected Beanluv.

In Season 6B, Spectra was kidnapped, and Cloud and Megar were forced to give chase. Cloud showed a bit of a change in personality, as he revealed that he does not like to fight (and that he cannot pilot an airplane).

Cloud does not reappear until Season 8. When Thanos invades the Observatory, Cloud and Spectra team up to take him down and prevent him for repairing the Infinity Gauntlet.


  • The design of Cloud’s hat was taken directly from The Adventures of Knux, a similar webcomic featuring characters based on internet users.
  • As seen in early episodes, Cloud’s hat originally had four puffs instead of three. His hands were also smaller and his shoes were slate blue.

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