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Cloud (nicknamed Doibs by the Cloud’s Forum Adventures community) is the main protagonist of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He made his debut in Season 1’s “A Shady Situation” and has appeared in almost every episode since. He appears as a white-colored character with a puffy cloud hat.


Cloud first appears in Season 1’s “A Shady Situation”, where he recovers from consciousness and finds himself stranded on the Valtteri Island. Noting that his home, Cloud’s Observatory, is emitting a strange aura, Cloud resolves to find a way back. In the process, he stumbles into the alternate dimension Oblivia, where he meets Dark Switch. After teaming up with Dark Switch to return home, Cloud meets his own dark counterpart and engages in battle. Dark Cloud is eventually defeated by Megar; however, Dark Cloud is able to kill Cloud with his dying breath. As a result, Cloud is considered dead at the end of Season 1.

In Season 2’s “The True Final Battle, Part 2”, Cloud is revived via the Soul Shard. Face to face with the newly-formed Zerospace, Cloud enters the Lander and fires enhanced missiles to defeat the dark fusion. Upon its defeat, Zerospace explodes into a black hole, which is soon nullified by the Soul Star’s sacrifice.

Immediately afterwards (and at the beginning of Season 3), Luna reveals himself as the mastermind behind the creation of Dark Cloud and Dark Switch. Before Luna can attack, Cloud is teleported out of harm’s way by Andro. Finding himself safe at the Escape Space Station, Cloud collaborates with Andro, Raster, and Bomber57 to travel back in time to enter Zerospace’s black hole and chase Luna to his own world. Once there, Cloud defeats Luna, but is immediately ambushed by the prism queen Spectra. After a series of long, grueling battles, Cloud defeats Spectra, Dark Matter, and Zero.

In Season 4’s “A Stringy Situation”, Cloud is captured by Stringer and transported to Patch Land. With the help of his friends, he defeats the yarn magician and returns to the Observatory. Upon entry, Cloud is ambushed by Beanluv, who attacks him with the power of the Miracle Crown. Cloud and Megar manage to defeat Beanluv regardless, saving the day once again.

In Season 5, Cloud tracks down the lost Miracle Crown and finds himself under its control. In this new form (dubbed Miracloud), he leads an attack on Earth, where he catches the attention of Megar and Spectra. The two work together to defeat Miracloud, freeing Cloud of the Miracle Crown’s influence.

In Season 6A, Cloud is essentially split into two entities: Cloud (a new character with no memory of the previous episodes) and Cloud’s Essence (a ghost-like illusion of Cloud with his memories intact). In “Welcome to Your Mind”, Cloud is warped to Imagina, a colorful pocket of his mind. There, he is tasked with defeating four nightmares – Lindol, Odium, Verlust, and eventually Cloud’s Essence – in order to obtain the legendary Celestial Scepter. When Cloud wakes up, he reunites with Switch, who reveals he had the same dream. Combining their newfound powers, Cloud and Switch set out to defeat the Nightmare Legion, a dark army led by Absol and a resurrected Beanluv.

In Season 6B (a soft reboot of the series), Spectra is kidnapped by a pair of mysterious invaders. Cloud and Megar chase her kidnappers in the Cobalt Spark (Megar’s airplane), and successfully corner them at a remote island in the ocean. Unfortunately, the season was cancelled before it was completed; what would have happened next remains unknown.

Cloud himself makes no appearance in Season 7 (as he is trapped within the Observatory’s walls by an unseen enemy); however, Cloud’s Essence does, appearing to Leaf and Keebs in Imagina and presenting the two with pieces of the Celestial Scepter. Just like Season 6B, Season 7 was cancelled before it was completed.

Cloud reappears in Season 8, where he teams up with Spectra in an attempt to prevent Thanos from destroying the Observatory and repairing the broken Infinity Gauntlet. Though the series is incomplete, it is assumed that Thanos was able to repair the Infinity Gauntlet despite Cloud and Spectra’s opposition.


As the leader of Cloud’s Observatory, Cloud tends to take charge of the situation at hand with a fierce determination. He is shown to be a poor navigator; in Season 1, Cloud attempts to return home, but instead stumbles upon the parallel dimension Oblivia. He is shown to be a bit too trusting, as he places trust in Dark Switch despite his appearance and unclear motives. Most of all, though, Cloud has a strong sense of justice, making a point to defeat any enemy in his way.

In Season 3’s “Storming Luna’s Castle, Part 2”, Cloud lashes out at Beanluv the instant he learns of his betrayal. This implies that Cloud has something of a temper or perhaps lacks patience, as he decided to take the extreme measure of attacking with fire in a split-second decision. As shown in his battles against Luna and Spectra, Cloud seems to enjoy fighting, especially when he can use his Dream World powers to get the upper hand.

In Season 6A, Cloud experiences a notable shift in personality. Many of his traits from previous seasons have been toned down; he no longer loves to fight and is a bit more introspective. Cloud is now shown to love food – specifically, the Tremendous Twelve (a massive platter of breakfast foods) – though he is never shown eating any.

Cloud once again undergoes a personality change in Season 6B. He is shown to be much calmer, quiet, and easygoing, and no longer likes to fight (instead doing so reluctantly). He is now a teacher at the Amiibo Dojo, showing his increased patience and resolve. Cloud has also become more considerate, shown when he takes Megar and Spectra to Shimmer Park on his only day off. When Spectra is kidnapped by a pair of unknown invaders, Cloud chases her to the point of endangering his life, showing a side of him not seen in any previous episodes.


Cloud boasts a wide variety of abilities that aid him in battles. In Season 1’s “The Final Showdown”, he summoned the Ultra Sword and upgraded it into the Fiery Ultra Sword, though these abilities apparently belonged to ADventuresVDO and Revoblam. In Season 3, Cloud gained access to Dream World powers, allowing him to travel between dimensions, activate hyper speed, and spawn an unbreakable whip. He can also power up with a Miracle Fruit and transform into Hypernova mode. As Miracloud, Cloud can generate and fire massive laser beams that can disintegrate any life form in a single hit.

In Season 6A, Cloud recovers his Dream World powers and finds new ways to use them. He can now create human-like fist specters from his hands, extend the range of his shoe, fly, breathe underwater, lift large rocks, and create energy balls. He is also shown firing infinite laser beams (similar to his Miracloud form) and even a Hadoken.


  • Cloud’s design was lifted from his appearance in The Adventures of Knux, a similar webcomic featuring characters based on internet users. It is important to note that The Adventures of Knux came before Cloud’s Forum Adventures.
  • As seen in early episodes, Cloud’s hat originally had four puffs instead of three. His hands were also smaller and his shoes were slate blue.

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