Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Dark Counterparts (Dark Cloud & Dark Switch)

Dark Cloud and Dark Switch are the main antagonists in Season 1 of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. Both Dark Cloud and Dark Switch appear exactly the same as their heroic counterparts with the exception of solid yellow eyes. They fused into Zerospace in the Season 2 finale.


Dark Cloud first appeared in “The Dark Clone” where he was making a time machine to stop Cloud’s Observatory from ever being built. He appeared again in “Beanluv and the Fissure” to seal Beanluv in the alternate dimension Oblivia.

Dark Switch (originally known as Dark FCN) first appeared in “The Fall of the Observatory” and befriended Cloud. The two joined forces to return to Cloud’s home world; there, Dark Switch revealed his true intentions as an antagonist and fled to Oblivia.

In Season 2, the protagonists were tasked with finding pieces of the Soul Shard to revive Cloud. Dark Cloud and Dark Switch appeared frequently to terrorize the group, and eventually fused into Zerospace during the final battle. Zerospace was able to defeat the protagonists with its newfound power, but was defeated by Cloud after being revived by the Soul Star. It then exploded into a black hole, which set the events of Season 3 into motion.

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